Sunday, March 19, 2006

Did You Attend the L.A. Auditions?

We have a few early reaction posts. If anyone else attended or auditioned, we'd love to hear all about it. Please post your stories here!

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Tbone said...

Thanks for the report, bdb. I will have to take issue with your conclusion, though. I'm not sure getting a designer on the pages of Vogue is what this show is all about.

I feel that the exposure every designer gets from PR can only help their careers. Nick, as one example, didn't have to make it to Fashion Week to reap the benefits. He's had some great opportunities presented to him as a designer and TV personality already. And the talent across the board, to me, has been amazing.

Why waste your time? PR provides a showcase and exposure like none other. You will be seen by people of influence both in and out of the industry. Getting cast is a huge accomplish, regardless the outcome.