Sunday, March 19, 2006

Did You Attend the L.A. Auditions?

We have a few early reaction posts. If anyone else attended or auditioned, we'd love to hear all about it. Please post your stories here!


billiondollarbaby said...

I checked out the LA auditiion both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, there weren't too many people auditioning, the last number in line was 160. Sunday there seemed to be slightly more. Yes Tim was there and so was the infamous Santino.
But, it was totally dis-organized and un-professional; managed by a cast of television wannabes "will work for a brain", types and the people, like Tim, downstairs were taking f.o.r.e.v.e.r to read applicationa and go through the auditionees.

The designer looks in line ran the gambit from spaceage venutian women in shreddded garbage bags and winged red vinyl to drama junkies in gothic dresses. Selections from the older crowd made the most "colorful" list with their Grace Jones fishnet jumsuits and white gogo boots. You know what they were probably doing in the 60's...yeah! Most of the designers and I use the term loosely, were local, but a few had to travel.

On Saturday and on Sunday when it neared quitting time - 5pm, it was the calm before ths storm. The "will work for a brain" staff grabbed a couple of burly 35+ year old women dressed in maintenance staff jumsuits, with really bad hair & thick wiskers on their upper lip to serve as bouncers. SCARY!!! They were there to "make it work" in other words, thin out the line. So at about 4:30pm, one by one, the two bearded burly gals dismissed the people in line, it was a bit like the club line in the movie, Night at the Roxbury. Richard Greco never showed up to in his disco look.

So what was the final outcome..? In a thimble, Project Runway's time management skills at auditions, or lack thereof, would have earned them an "Auf Wiedersehen".

So, for anyone considering auditioning for this show my best advice ...think twice. It's not about talent or ability it's more a place where people are exploited and humiliated. Afterall, a patternmaker won it all and a Nick went home.
SO let that be a lesson..If you have a sweatshop background, you would probably be a good candidtae, but designers...BEWARE.

I doubt if you will ever see either a Jay or a Chloe on the pages of Vogue. Why waste your time.

Tbone said...

Thanks for the report, bdb. I will have to take issue with your conclusion, though. I'm not sure getting a designer on the pages of Vogue is what this show is all about.

I feel that the exposure every designer gets from PR can only help their careers. Nick, as one example, didn't have to make it to Fashion Week to reap the benefits. He's had some great opportunities presented to him as a designer and TV personality already. And the talent across the board, to me, has been amazing.

Why waste your time? PR provides a showcase and exposure like none other. You will be seen by people of influence both in and out of the industry. Getting cast is a huge accomplish, regardless the outcome.

karen said...

I agree with tbone. This is a great opportunity for some needing a boost with their fashion career or those wanting to help shine some light on the career they already have started.

Chloe was not just a patternmaker, she was an AWSOME designer and a shop owerner with an established clientle as well. To lower her to a simple patternmaker is unjustified. And well as pissed as I was that Nick left instead of Santino, in the end everyone leaves until there is just one.

LL said...

So I don't get it. bdb sure seems to hate the show for someone that's reading this blog and attending the auditions. What's all the bitterness covering up?

PINaR said...

I was there for the auditions on saturday. Honestly at the end of the day i was mad a my self that why even i went there and waste my 6 hours, not because they didint choose me. The reason was i waited 6 hours outside, and after getting inside, i was inside of the room like may be 5 seconds, they didint even look at my designs neither my portfolio, i dont know how they judged me and Tim said" this is not we are looking for" I said " ok" and left the room, i was little shocked because waiting 6 hours outside, where i am not a student nor a person who just started, at least i i thought they would look at my portfolio and my designs then decide that is not for them. I was mad at my self because this audition didint even motivate me as a designer, i said to my self " why you are entering a show programme as a designer, if you are looking for a competition , submit your designs to a real design competition at least they will judge you from your portfolio or designs. Dealing with rejection is not a problem, as an artist we deal that thing so many times in our lives, but without seeing your work , rejection kinda sucks.