Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Note From Daniel Vosovic

Hello Laura!

Well, here we sit in the aftermath that was Season 2... some twists, some turns, but a great season no doubt!
You mentioned that some viewers had wanted to know what music I had used for my runway show... it was actually chosen from a demo cd BRAVO had given to us as an option. I'm not sure the exact title and if it's even available for purchase - sorry!

Your readers, as well as every other person on the street wants to know what I'm doing now... especially with the Michael Kors offer. Well, you'll just have to wait and see! haha! Honestly, everything is up in the air right now (in a great way) but definitely in the works, and that means options - many of them. It really comes down to finding the best path for my career and choosing what I want, and what will best help me get there. I know that sounds vague, but as I'm sure you can imagine I'm inundated with offers ranging from 16 yr old girls offering to intern for me for the summer vacation - to dressing Daisy Fuentes - to having drinks with Matthew McConaughey and his best friend. Seriously. Surreal.

In the end, the "reality-show star" fades and is replaced by a fresher, newer batch of crazies all vying for the same prize, and I have to prepare myself as best I can for my future. It's been an amazing ride and I can't be more appreciative of the opportunity I've been given.

As long as the interest is there, I'll continue to send updates about the happenings in my life, but also feel free to check my website. [I'm always updating] with new things every other day! Take care and thank you for providing this safe, little nest of entertainment and creativity.

Sincerely yours,
Daniel V


The Scarlett said...

He's so cute!

Interesting that I have spent the entire day searching for the runway music.

Interesting that he thinks his star will fade (while we still talk about Kara Saun and Austen Scarlett).

I would love to hear that he is working for Michael Kors, trying to draw in a new, fresh, young audience.

Tbone said...

Does anyone seriously doubt that Daniel will make the right, smart decisions about his career? His head is screwed on so straight. He has all the talent and poise neessary to be extremely successful. He didn't need to win in order to be a winner.

Bettina Sophie said...

Wow! I can't believe I didn't know about this blog! I think it's really great that you have a blog devoted entirely to Project Runway. I also think it's so great to have someone as fascinating and talented as Daniel Vosovic writing you notes. I am a little sad that he didn't win, but then it was also such a close call, and I really love the fact that Michael Kors basically offered him a job. That made me really happy.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Oh Daniel, please keep up with the updates. Trust us, the interest is there. I know we'll be hearing nothing but great happenings in your life.

And Laura, thank you again and again for creating such a fabulous site for us ALL to feel comfortable participating in-designers and fans!

change said...

I very much enjoyed this season over the previous season. I felt the show had found it's
groove' and hence the constestants, challenges and editing were more deliberate. Daniel -- you were fantastic. For someone so young, you have such a sense of style, moxie and wisdom beyond your years. You cater to my tastes...I am a fan of Ralph Lauren Black, Calvin Klein, Anne Klein and are of tha ilk.
Best to you and I look to buy your designs soon!

ScubaOtter said...

Tres erudite; well spoken! Fame and talent are ephemeral; authenticity is not.

I wish you only the best in your endeavors, and all that life has to offer.

Cindy said...

Oh my, Im so going to miss Project Runway!

Daniel was a sweetie and has much talent. His look was lovely and tailored and crisp, no doubt women everywhere will want to wear his elegant clothes. Best of luck to you Daniel!

And LauraK, thanks for this fabulous site!