Saturday, March 25, 2006

BPR Tour 2006

What a day! Worlds collided today in NYC as Blogging Project Runway hosted its first ever tour. We now know the faces behind many of the names: Moi;, JantheDanFan, Trish, praddict, echoe311, Snowflake, Jessie and many of your other favorites joined us today in the Big Apple in a day filled with unabandoned PR love. Let's take a quick toll of the damage. What were some of the things we did?

- Visited the roof of The Atlas, site of the famous "Boys from 35D" scene
- Renenacted "PR The Musical" in the Parsons workroom
- Toured Tim Gunn's Parsons office (and some of us dared sit in his chair!)
- Fabric shopping and gawking at Mood
- Lunched at the Red Lobster (where else?)
- Visited and interviewed many designers auditioning for PR3 at Macy's, including early BPR fave Jamie Mihlrad, who we are happy to report made the first cut today (yay Jamie!)

Who did we see? Hold on to your hats PR fans...

- Emmett McCarthy
- Kara Janx
- Daniel Vosovic
- Tim Gunn!

Don't worry, we have more photos and video than what we know what to do with. You'll see them soon. To all those in attendance today, please e-mail any pictures or video to so we can share the many stories from today.

I can tell you from my own experience that the BPR family is as warm and smart and as wonderful as you can imagine. What an honor to meet all of you. Thank you Laura for an unforgettable day!


Trish said...

It was an AMAZING DAY!!!!! I had such a great time with all of you! Let's try to get together again soon!

Thanks so much to Laura and all who did such an AMAZING job making sure we were treated as royalty all over town!

Abby said...

Ahh! I must see those pictures and videos! Everyone, SEND!


Jan the Dan Fan said...

I met my man Daniel Vosovic. He is as sweet and beautiful in person as I imagined. Love him.

I am an extremely happy BPR member today. What an incedible and unbelievable day!!!

Trish said...

I knew I left too early, oh well
But I am soooo happy for you Jan!!!!

sehar said...

I just want to say THANK YOU to Laura and all who helped organize this. All I can say is WOW! what an incredible, fun day!
It was a pleasure meeting my fellow PR fans... I can hardly wait for season 3!!

kccody4 said...

Sounds like an awesome day. Looking so forward to the pictures and adventures you all had. So many of us are so far away, thanks for sharing the fun day.

j11358 said...

today was just BEYOND amazing, in ways I can't even begin to express.

I really have to thank Laura for putting this together, the organizing must have had hard work!

she did a great job getting us VIP access for many things, and it must have been so nervewracking knowing that all of us fans were depending on her!
Thank you Laura!

and everyone on the tour was so sweet and pleasant.

j11358 said...

*must have been

Anna said...

ahh! i'm so jelaous of all you guys

Marsha said... -- what a fabulous day!!! I cannot believe you got to meet so many PR folks!

C Merry said...

I am actually still trying to gather my thoughts and figure out in words, how to properly thank you for this day. Laura Tbone Scar, you are amazing! Laura you are an angel. BPR has to be the most amazing group of people and if I had read about this day as some kind of sweepstakes prize I would not have believed the luck of the "winner" and you guys made it happen for many people. Kara and Emmet and Pasqulaie, just cannot say enough about people who sacrifice their time for people they don't even know but want to share with. Seriously words cannot express.. okay I'll go until I have something better organized right now I am still in OMG I can't believe how wonderful the day was!

editorgrrl said...

Here's a link to the article Emmett's lovely mom showed us from the North Haven [Connecticut] Citizen at EMc2. He plugged BPR:

"Q: How did you feel about the final three collections?
A: You know, I actually did a little piece on that. You can go to and read all of my comments on them."

Tim Gunn was impressed we climbed all those stairs to Kara Janx's apartment and confessed, "We're burning Macy's down because we can't get the candles out. It's Daniel's birthday!" (An exiting hopeful confirmed "there was a minor fire" and added "the cupcakes were gorgeous.") Daniel Vosovic saw how ga-ga we were. "That's so funny," he said. "I'm just a normal person!"

I don't know if it was my lowered expectations or the long wait, but the food at Red Lobster wasn't half bad. (Tim said he's only ever been out front for that photo op.) And I sure appreciated those two cheddar biscuits I'd wrapped in a paper napkin & stuffed in my bag like somebody's grandmother--they were my dinner on the train ride home.

Karen in New Haven

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Snowflake-I feel the same way. It was such a surreal day, I can't wrap my brain around it all yet.

Karen-I love the way you have been able to put our Macy's experience into words.

All I can keep repeating is, "I met Daniel!!!" followed by a little dance.

camerashy said...

the reason this blog is so great is because of the people behind it. truly nice, funny, gracious fans. What other blog would be invited into Kara's tiny apartment en masse. this is a blog that you want to invite over and have a chat with. not too many out there like that.

echoe311 said...

I seriously thought that I had posted earlier.

Yesterday was one of the best experiences I have ever had. It was great to meet everyone, and become even a tighter group.


Paula D said...

I am still over the moon about Saturday!!!! What a great day! It was a pleasure meeting all of you!

Moi ;) said...

OMG guys, I am still overwhelmed... been away all day - Jan, I have the BEST picture of you and Dan - it's so cute!!! I will get them online as soon as I can.

For some reason the song "TIM GUNN! TIM GUNN!" keeps going through my head, lol. Wasn't he the neatest guy?

emily said...

Omg I wish I was in New York for this! Except I live in California. I think I would have gone into shock or something upon seeing all of them, especially Daniel! I'm so jealous. :D

Moi ;) said...

BTW I now have a Photobucket -

And there is a picture of Nguyen in there - he is a guy who was doing his video at Macy's - he was going away and didn't have three days to shoot it, so he did it right there so he could hand it in! Here's his website - he has some really great stuff!

Evidently they didn't All get the axe, as we'd heard...there were a couple of callbacks and requests for videos. But I told him I'd give him a mention here at BPR - so here it is - maybe one of you guys would post it?

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Hey Moi!

I saw the pic and LOVE it. Thank you so much for sharing in my enthusiasm!

I had the best time with everyone all day--and our little camp out at Macy's was so much fun!

Milton and I sang the Tim Gunn song on our walk to Toys R Us. And it's still repeating in my head.

My cousin and I kept hitting each other on the train ride home repeating "Guess what? I met Daniel!!!" and "Guess what? I met Tim Gunn!!!"

Trish said...

Hey - how did the "model" make out this morning???

Moi ;) said...

I am not sure - I couldn't go back with them - haven't heard from her mom yet.....

Moi ;) said...

Trish - email me - i tried to email you from the email addy on your blog, and it said that was not a valid account!

Is anyone having problems with my photobucket thing?

I don't know why, someone said it needed a password...

If anyone knows what I have to do to let you guys see it, let me know!

praddicted said...

Posting a little late (took the kid back to school yesterday!) but it was the most amazing day. I think I was in shock most of the time and I kept saying yesterday "Did I really get to do that??" I knew we should have gone on to Macy's!!! I am soo jealous, guys-but it was a great day and I can't thank you enough, Laura. TBone and Scarlett, too-this is a great forum with wonderful fun people. We really do need to do it again!! Maybe for Fashion week!

Trish said...

You have to go into "account options" and make the album public.

Anyone still having trouble with mine?? Please let me know!!!

love you all :)


Moi ;) said...

Grrr....Now try it - does it work?

fluffsters said...

i'm not as nice as the others who didn't go. i hate you all, i'm so jealous. i would have loved to have seen kara.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

I think Kara is now a best fiend to each of us! She's such an amazing person. So full of life and fun. We EACH got a hug from her upon entering her doorway.

Did this really happen?

Cindy said...

Sounds fabulous, Im green with envy...lucky you! Cant wait to see the photos.

How thrilling to meet the designers too!


Trish said...

I know Jan! I kept thinking that all day long at work yesterday and everyone I told the story to? well I couldn't believe I was saying "in her house"! LOL
Hope to see you again soon!

praddicted said...

I keep remembering how cute Kara looked when we were across the street, remember? There was just this sea of people and traffic everywhere, the NY hustle and bustle and then there she was, waving and smiling-she just stood out, like a beacon, no? Like she was glowing! Both her and Emmett: their graciousness and kindness to us, opening their work and their lives to us, what a wonderful thing. And Emmett-what a hottie in person, no? Camera DID NOT do him enough justice-Jan is right, those eyes!!