Sunday, March 26, 2006

An Early Recap From Moi;!

At BPR, ask and ye shall receive! No sooner than the call goes out for recaps, they start coming in. Moi;, like the rest of us, is exhausted. But the photo of her with Tim Gunn is...let's see, how should we put it? Priceless!

ETA: We think we have Moi:'s slideshow fixed! These are great!


praddicted said...

You know Jan is piddling in her panties, LOL. Jan, I am so happy for you!! You guys have to give us details of Macy's, I am really sorry we left-Tell us all about it.

It was really a wonderful day-truly half the fun was the people we were with!

AJ said...


And sad I couldn't come:(

Trish said...

They really are great! thanks Moi ;)

Jan the Dan Fan said...

moi, thank you for sharing your pics so quickly, and for getting a few of me and Daniel! Hee! :)

What an experience-and no praddicted, no piddling, but lots of jumping up and down afterwards!