Friday, March 10, 2006

From the Mailbox

What do you serve at a Project Runway Finale Party? How about some "Cry and Cut Cookies" and some "Santino Rice Krispie Treats?" Thanks Josh!

Did any of our Chicago readers make it to
Isabella Fine Lingerie to meet Kara Janx? Thanks, Kristi!

Here are some photos from Daniel V's page in the Lowell High School Class of 99 album. Thanks, Quandary.

Last, here is an article containing fashion advice from Nick and Andrae.


The Scarlett said...

Ok, I seriously love the idea of Santino Rice Krispie Treats.

LauraK said...

Sorry Kenneth, this came in after I went to bed last night! I ALMOST didn't post it, but then I thought maybe we would get someone to report to us how it went.

tmayson said...

The guy in the bottom picture is a designer that Nick/Andrae recommend to zip up your look in "non-fashion" town LA--I know, it was confusing until I read the whole article..would rather have had a picture of Nick.

LOVE the 'cut and cry' cookies--I'm going to make some and use the photo for my blog, "Cut and Cry"