Thursday, March 23, 2006

It's Not Too Late!

I've had several people drop out of the tour - which is to be expected - not a problem at all, BUT this frees up five spots for anyone who has been undecided until now. We'd love for you to join us. Let me know - thanks! (You will NOT be sorry!)


Abby said...

Take plenty of pictures! Especially of Emmett and his store.


Tbone said...

I fully expect us all to be flying through doors, draping ourselves against walls, dramatically shooing pigeons and singing our favorite tunes from "PR The Musical" as we haunt the sites of Project Runway!

This is going to be ridiculous, silly fun!

LauraK said...

Yay! We added Snowflake! Don't be shy, there's still room.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

"Daniel Franco, where did you go? Oh,oh."

Just practicing TBone. :)

LauraK said...

Adding Philly Kat!

Still room for two more!

Paula D. said...

I will meet you at Atlas at 10:00am! I finally figured out the train schedule from Jersey & will hop a cab over. I will be ready with digital camera in hand & ready to have some fun!!!!!

Can't wait!!!!

PhillyKat said...

there's at least one spot for someone who wants to meet them today.

i overslept and woke up with a sore throat & with the left side of my face swollen. so yeah i'm going to be m.i.a. :*(