Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jan the Dan Fan Tells Her BPR Tour Story

I'm still giddy over the incredible day we had! None of my friends can believe what I was able to do on Saturday. It was one of my most favorite days.

Thank you so much for all of the behind the scenes efforts that had been put into the planning of the tour. One surprise after another--it truly was surreal. It's already been mentioned, but so much credit has to go to Laura's ideal for the site--to each be allowed their own taste and opinions but still share in the love of Project Runway. Groups from other sites would not have been granted into Parsons', the Atlas, and certainly not Kara Janx's apartment!!!

Go ahead Dan, give her a little smooch!Anyhow, onto my Tour Thoughts. Well, obviously as everyone has heard by now, I got to meet Daniel Vosovic! I'm still over-joyed by this. He was as sweet, and kind, and beautiful as I had imagined. Of course, none of the intelligent comments or questions I had thought of could come out of my mouth. I think I just quivered alot of "I love you"'s and "I think you're wonderful," out of my cheesey perma-grin. My cheeks still ache 'cause I can't stop smiling over this.

Poor guy had birthday dinner reservations, and he still took the time to come out and chat with us. He's the best. I'm going to miss him Season 3--but you know I'll be looking forward to the footage of the New York auditions during the premiere! Will we be live posting again?

After our Macy's meetings Kristine, Milton and I made our way to Toys R Us in Times Square---jumping up and down a whole lot in disbelief that we met Tim Gunn and Daniel. Milton and I chatted about how Daniel will someday have his own plate on the Fashion Walk of Fame.

At Toys R Us, Milton acted out Kara's lost Barbie hat scene. We found the display of Nick's My Scene Barbies to pose with for a pic. A group of teenage girls then came over and were gushing over Nick. Milton starts flashing his BPR card asking me if "we should tell them?" It was so funny. He started telling them all about our tour that day-and they were in total disbelief as well-"No WAY!!!"

Milton's a great kid! Everyone from BPR was a pleasure to meet. We had such a blast with it all. I can't say thank you enough...
Love Jan


LauraK said...

Jan, how many times did I have to tell you "No Stalking?" And then WHO was the first one to want to return to Macy's for a chance to meet Daniel V. Well - you were smart! Congratulations on meeting your favorite designer. Dreams do come true! Will you change your screen-name for season three? Hmmmm.... I doubt it!

Jan the Dan Fan said...

The name is here to stay through Season 3, Season 4, Season 5...
I will forever be a Full Dan Fan!

And Moi, it absolutely cracked me up how concerned everyone was with making sure I got my moment with Daniel. Thank you for sharing in my excitement!

praddicted said...

Jan, what a great picture!! He looks like Dan the Jan Fan there!!!

Unknown said...

Hahaha, that totally sounds like Milton =)