Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Kara's 13th Look

I know you've been wondering which one was Kara's 13th look. I have been too. I never guessed it was this beauty though. This is my favorite!

Laura hi,

Sorry I didn't get beck to you sooner. Hoping you are well

The 13th look is the teal and bronze dress



The Scarlett said...

WOW! I would have never guessed that as the 13th! It is stunning and it was my favorite. The colors and the shape was beautiful!

AJ said...

Shut up! That was my favorite piece of anyone's collection!

I adore the color and cut of that dress as well as the detailing.

Big props to Kara!

erin said...

That is gorgeous! Do we know if she had an assistant on this?

BTW, my roommate met Kara last week at the event in Chicago (I wasn't able to go). Said she was very sweet.

praddicted said...

This is so beautiful-it's really too bad Kara didn't do this for the evening gown challenge. I can really see Iman in it!

The more I look at all 4 collections, the more I like them. I truly think that we will see great things from all 4 designers in the future.

ScubaOtter said...

Agree. I was blown away by the color combo. Thought it was a fantastic look; I can't believe it was her 11th-hour piece. Well done, Kara!