Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Kimono Dress

Of course I had to get a kimono dress for my daughter, Kaitlin. She chose the gray one with the blue band. The funny thing is that Kaitlin has never watched Project Runway (she doesn't get Bravo at her apartment) and doesn't understand the significance of that particular dress. I tried to explain that it was the exact dress that Kara was wearing in her last appearance on Project Runway and how Michael Kors had complimented her on it, but Kaitlin didn't really "get" all that - she just loves the dress.

She wore the kimono dress to a party on Saturday night. Some people recognized it and asked her if it was a Kara Janx. She said yes and explained that she had in fact, met Kara that very day and visited her apartment. Well these folks were very impressed and a small crowd began to gather. Kaitlin continued to describe our day. (Remember Kaitlin doesn't watch the show - it must have sounded pretty incredible when she listed the things that we did and topped it off by mentioning that Tim Gunn stopped by our hotel after the auditions!) Finally she mentioned her "mom's blog." And when she said it was BPR they exclaimed that of course they ALL read it regularly and they just couldn't believe that her mom was "Laura K."

"Mom, you're famous." she told me. She also went to Virgin Records and bought Season One on DVD.


Jan the Dan Fan said...

Kaitlin has such a great spirit!
It was a pleasure to chat with her during the tour.
And Laura, you're just the coolest mom ever! For all of us.

eric3000 said...

Laura, you look too young to have a daughter with her own apartment! Is Kaitlin in college? Cute story!

LauraK said...

Awwwww... Eric3000! I am 46 and I have five children. Matthew is 24, Kaitlin is 20, Daniel is 17, James is 13 and William is 9. I also have a wonderful husband, Ken who is very patient with my obsession.

Kaitlin has finished 2.5 years of college and is now in an internship at Broadway Dance Center. Kaitlin and Daniel went on the tour. Ken stayed home with the younger boys.

eric3000 said...

Laura, I remembered you had five children but if you've told us their ages before, I'd forgotten. A 24 year old, wow!

praddicted said...

Kaitlin is really quite a young woman-adorable, well spoken, friendly. I said "Did you know how cool your mom is" and her reply? "Yes, my mom is very cool, she's always been cool." Isn't that sweet?

C Merry said...

Laura you are a star all the BPR folks are because its not just great to have a wonderful show but also a place to discuss it and meet people who share interests. I loved meeting Kaitlin too *waves* Hi :)

Kaitlin said Kara gave hope to humanity I agree because her positive attitude is wonderful and makes you think anything can happen. Kara said if you do something with love it will reward you and she is living proof. Thanks again Laura and all the gang behind the scenes you made so many people happy!

I have the undies I bought at Kara's on my wall LOL I don't know of any other designer who makes such art-worthy undies! :) :) Pop art for a pop tart like me :)