Saturday, March 18, 2006

LA Auditions Begin Today!

One of my favorite moments from Season 2 happened at the LA auditions when that winged wierdo came in and began squawking. Tim simply put his finger to his lip - he's so cool! We would love to hear from some BPR field reporters who are either participating in the Season 3 auditions or just stopping by to see who they can see. We know Santino and Tim will be there for sure. Send any photos to The Scarlett at and feel free to post your commentary in the comments here. Good Luck to all the Season 3 hopefuls!


Tbone said...

jamienicole - are you auditioning? If so, make sure to tell us all about it!

katiecoo said...

SO interesting. Immaari, you got me so entirely sucked in with your description I'm now totally bummed you didn't get in. I agree that it seems they had mixed feelings about you and your garments and another attempt with women's wear could be in order. You sound PERFECT for this show! Thanks for taking the time to write all that out in such a compelling way. Wish I could see photos of the garments you described.