Friday, March 03, 2006

More Video For Mac Users

Once again devoted BPR reader Abhinetri has posted video for Mac users who are unable to use the Bravo site to view the bonus video.

Tim's Video Blog Part 5

Tim's Video Blog Part 6

Austin Scarlett's Spring Fashion Show

Thanks again, Abhinetri!


nsa said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!


Thanks for making these videos available to mac users. I know it must take some time to do, so I really appreciate it.

sarahlad said...

Thank you- I'm not a Mac user, but have not been able to watch videos from the Bravo site for weeks now.... not sure what that is about. Thanks again!

Unknown said...

the tim gunn network from Best Week Ever

Schatzi said...

What would I do without you! Thankyou! Just like Sarahlad, I'm not a MAC user but also can never watch the videos on the Bravo site.

galaxianomiko said...

I'm so grateful for these videos--also not a Mac user, but the Bravo website hates my computer and I'm rarely able to watch anything there. There's no way I'd be able to download something as long as Tim's video blog!

Oh, Austin. Where were these gowns the last time we saw you give a show?

InsultComicDog said...

I'm not a Mac user either but these videos come in more quickly than on the Bravo site.

(an aside: I got a word verication combo of characters that is almost a racial slur, but not quite: "higger")