Wednesday, March 15, 2006

"Rate the Runway" Results

While deciding who would be the winner of PR2, the judges were shown reflecting on the body of work each designer had shown throughout the season. I thought it would be interesting to look back at Bravo's "Rate the Runway" pages and see what the viewers thought of each designers work. Here were the averages scores for each of the "Final 5" designers based on their solo designs during Season 2:

Chloe - 3.71
Nick - 3.54
Daniel V - 3.40
Kara - 3.08
Santino - 2.76

To me, this really shows how consistent Chloe performed on each challenge. She never had a clunker. Now let's look at the averages from the Final 3 collections:

Chloe - 3.58
Daniel V. - 3.52
Santino - 3.41

This one really surprised me. If you only listened to the armchair pundits, you would have thought Chloe fell flat on her face. But when you examine the collection piece-by-piece, her quality won the day. So, did the judges make the right call?


LauraK said...

Yes, TBone - you were right all along!

Tbone said...

I'm done with the lip-biting, remember?

Tbone said...

Good thoughts upstate - indeed both DV (white coat) and Santino(Heather's final dress) had individual pieces rated higher than Chloe's best.

On the flip side, even her much maligned opening couch-couture piece didn't rate as low (2.7) as Santino's leather corset flop (2.1) and was equal to DV's low (the military dress on Rachael).

It sort of typified her run - no real knock-out pieces, just high, consistent quality.

ABC said...

The overall final three should have been the top 3 on that list.

LauraK said...

One interesting thing about the "Rate the Runway" feature is that everyone starts at 3.0. So, even the least "aesthetically pleasing" design begins at a 3.0. It would take an awful lot of 1.0 votes to pull it down to a 1.5 for instance. If they would start at 0.0 we'd see many lower scores. Did that make sense? I just think the whole idea of starting everyone at 3.0 gives an advantage to lousy designs.

memee said...

I think it makes sense that people rated Chloe's fashion week designs higher after the judges praised it and she ended up winning - people like to be on the winner's side, right?

ScubaOtter said...

Had to LOL on Upstate NY PR Fan's comments; obviously s/he has taken statistics.

Hey, USNYPRF: Just use the student's t-distribution (assuming that each curve is symmetric about the mean, which you really can't do because n<30).

I != heart statistics. I can run the scenarios if y'all really want me to (gawd knows I could use the practice). Looks like umami beat me to it, however.

Statistical significance means + or - 2 SD about the mean.

ScubaOtter said...

Regarding the statistical significance: If it's +/- 3 standard deviations, it's considered an "unusual" event.

praddicted said...

Chloe was a consistently high performer-almost always in the top 2 or 3 and the only time she was in the bottom was for the gown, which I did not agree with at all. Daniel (and I love him, too) won many challenges but when he didn't win, he was either in the middle of the group or on the bottom. I And the more I see her runway collection, the more I love it. She did something a little different while making "the chloe statement", as MK puts it...

ScubaOtter said...

I dunno, I just keep seeing Chloe's collection and having 80's prom/wedding flashbacks.

(Guess I just outed myself, agewise.)

ScubaOtter said...

In response to Fluffster's comment: the official rules--as I understand them--say that you can hire help (like Kara's knitted caps, and Jay hired people to crochet some of his pieces). However, you have to pay fair market value and it has to come out of your $8k budget.

This has nothing to do with Chloe, but that was the big controversy about Kara Saun's "shoegate." They had "FAVOR" written all over them. Dollhouse custom designed those shoes for Kara Saun in China to match her specifications for each of her outfits, and initially she didn't pay for any of them. Then later, she had them invoice a random value ($15 per pair, IIRC), which, according to Timm Gunn (and producers) "wouldn't have even covered the import tarrifs."

So basically, if Chloe had help, she had to pay market value for it. But I haven't seen criticisms about this on her line. Did I miss something somewhere?