Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Some Love for the Boys of 35D

Click on the arrow to watch.

Found this fan video and thought you would all enjoy it. Yes, the music is deliciously cheesy! See if you can pick out some favorite moments that work perfectly with the lyrics!

ETA: Thank you, Alicia, for such a touching video. Well done!


LauraK said...

Oh! This is wonderful. I think I'm gonna cry now. I want Project 35D!

praddicted said...

Can someone describe it? My computer won't let me see these videos, sob, sob? I miss 35D, sniff, sniff.

We do have to do some rolling out the doors.....and skipping down the street!

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Can I shed a tear?
I miss them SOOOO much!

So sad it's a Wednesday without PR.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Oh, and Moi,
It's a beautiful montage of 35D boys' moments to the Dirty Dancing featured song, "I've Had the Time of My LIfe." It's great.

The Scarlett said...

Alicia, I really love it! Keep those fun videos coming ... and I'm going to credit you now in the post. Well done.