Wednesday, March 08, 2006


It's hard to believe that tonight is the last episode of the season! FINALLY!

I'd like to propose here that we make no last-minute-predictions. Yes, I've read all of the message boards, blogs, websites and articles that mostly predict Daniel V as the "favorite" but we know that anything can happen on Project Runway. I only mention this to avoid receiving 50 e-mails with links to these items. NO SPOILERS, of course. If someone else announces the winner in advance - don't tell us, okay? We just want to enjoy this. I'm serious here folks. Really.

There will be no criticism of any finalist's collection, personality or appearance. No reminding one another of previous grievances. No references to "80's" or "prom dresses" or "Banana Republic" or even "whickety-whack." No comparisons of the relative hardships of our designers and no complaints about editing. Okay? Just for one day. : )

Let's just enjoy this! All of our designers are winners. The three finalists are already stars. Additionally, Kara has really impressed the Fashion Press. Andrae is absolutely compelling. He could be an actor I swear! Emmett has an exciting new venture. Daniel Franco too. Diana seems to be everywhere with her unique perspectives. Nick Verreos especially has gained recognition, fame and exciting new opportunities because of his appearance on PR (and his tremendous talent of course.) So, there are no losers here. Everyone wins - especially us, the viewers and fans.

Let's take this final day to thank the designers for sharing this with us. Let's wish them ALL the best. Let's thank the producers of the show for a GREAT second season. I can hardly wait for tonight!

Meanwhile...just to keep us occupied here is a link to all of the TwoP recaps of this season's episodes. They are great fun. Many times they weren't completed in time for our "Weekend Recap-aloozas" and I failed to add them afterward. My bad. They are wonderful. Enjoy, and have a great day!


AJ said...

Thank you Project Runway for a wonderful season!

And thank you to Laura, for providing us with an amazing place to discuss our favorite show! This has made the Project Runway experience that much better:)


Trish said...

yes, thank you Laura!

I am so sad right now. As excited am I am to see tonight, I'm sad that next week - or next month, etc. I won't be able to come here to read recaps, comments on "this week's episodes".

I do look forward to meeting everyone in NYC though - and to Season 3!!!

Thanks everyone!

Jan the Dan Fan said...

This is so bittersweet. I'm so psyched for tonight's episode, but I don't want the Season 2 experience to be over.

Laura--your site has been such great fun. I loved having a positive place to share my joy over this show, this season, and this cast--particularly Daniel V! :)

Shawn said...

I second your motion that we keep it clean and just remember how wonderful PR is! I am going to really miss seeing all of the designers each week...can't wait to see what is going to happen tonight! YAY PROJECT RUNWAY!

Thanks for being so kick ass and keeping us up to date on all things Project Runway.

praddicted said...

Thanks, Laura for this great blog and wonderful place to chat and share our thoughts fairly, *nicely*, equally and without digression. I've really enjoyed getting to know everyone and we'll just have to thin of some things to keep us busy in off-time!

It's so true-all of the designers are winners, aren't they? And so were we!

erin said...

Thank you for this blog Laura! It's been a great resource for my favorite show, as well as way to interact with all the PR addicts out there. I am sad to see it end, but it's always exciting to think about the next season.

katiecoo said...

Thank you to Project Runway and thanks to you guys here for this great blog. I'm sad already but excited and hopeful for SANTINO! :D

Can I complain about Jay McCarroll's snotty remarks on the Today Show today? Ugh.

May said...

This has been a great season and BPR has made it so much the better! So thanks Laura!

All 3 finalists should be proud, and so should Kara. Beautiful, inspiring work, and I'm sure all the designers have exciting careers ahead!

I'd also like to congratulate Tim Gunn on becoming this season's breakout star. Sophisticated, intelligent, fair, and seemingly beloved by all.

Trish said...

You're right. I think all the contestants should be congratulated. I mean, obviously we all LOVE Andrae's "Inspiration" dress, but he's not in the Final 3. Nick is famous now thanks to Barbie and he's not in the Final 3 Emmett is opening his store...etc....the list goes on!
Congrats to all!

eric3000 said...

Thanks everyone (designers, producers, bloggers) for a great season! I really felt directly connected to the show through this blog.

Have a great time in New York! I'd love to go but I'm not a big enough loser to fly all the way to New York because of a television show. I'm totally joking! I'm exactly a big enough loser to do that but I'm going to resist! I'll definitely be there when the musical opens, though! Seriously, the tour sounds so cool; have fun!