Thursday, March 16, 2006

Click Here For A Village Voice Interview With Santino

Thanks Kathy and Marie! Also, Andy's blog has an interview with Chloe!


Trish said...

I am glad everyone is catching up. He's looked like a cry baby since he sulked after not winning the Barbie challenge.
Did I laugh at the Tim impressions? absolutely! but yeah - 2 words for him - drama queen.

CoachesWife said...

I love Santino.

Joanne said...

What a jerk. He says: "Bottom line is, I respect judges. But at the same time, who are you to tell me anything? This show is about designers who can think up an idea, make the pattern, cut and sew the fabric, style the look. If you can't do that, than I don't think you should be judging that competition."

Well, La De Frickin Da, Santino. Unfortunately for you, you didn't come up with the idea of Project Runway. Last year, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors were judges, you jerk. Should Heidi be a judge? She doesn't design clothes, or make them, either. Here's an idea: have an original thought, create your own design show, and get the judges that you want. Idiot.