Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Latest Video for Mac Users

Our BPR friend Abhinetri has posted more video for our readers that are unable to view the clips on the Bravo site:

Episode 14 Preview

Tim's Video Blog Part 9

Thanks again, Abhi!


Tbone said...

Hey - sounds like Tim agrees with our choice of Andrae's Inspiration dress! I always knew BPR readers had a high taste level.

chikitheta said...

Hmm. Now that would have been an INTERESTING final 3. It's not that I don't think any of the 3 that are there don't deserve to be there, or that Andrae and Kara are more real contenders (at the present time, not necc.in the future) than Diana...but in terms of producing three collections that make viewers say "WHEN is that going to be in stores?" with unique points of view and signature pieces, a final 3 of Andrae, Kara and Diana would certainly have produced some interesting outcomes.

JRT said...

thanks again to all for all your hard work in getting us these photos.