Tuesday, March 07, 2006

From the Mailbox

First, here is a link to Tim Gunn's commentary on the Oscar Fashions - thanks Wendie!

Next, Just Jared has a Project Runway article including lots of great photos from behind-the-scenes. Thanks, Miss Noel and Miss AJ.

Now, is anyone in the market for Maternity Wear? Two of Heidi's dresses are up for Auction at the Bravo site.

After reading your comments on the Donny Deutsch Show last night it seems that I'm the only one who liked it! Praddicted suggests that the title should be "The Big Disappointment With Donny Deutsch." Also, there is general agreement that Donny probably doesn't watch the show. Also, he didn't seem to be aware of the content of the clips. Next year, just ask us for questions, Donny!

As an interesting update, his on-line poll shows Daniel V gaining on Santino. Right now, Daniel has 40% and Santino has 42%.

I've also been thinking about the dresses that we saw on Donny's show last night. Chloe's dress for instance was made way back in June, right? And "sydney8" won it on December 14th. Yet, TPTB still have it - in March! How long does it take to receive your goods from Bravo I wonder. Do you have to wait until the season is over? Do they just hold onto the winning designs a little longer? Anybody know? Obviously whoever won Raymundo's Barbie lost no time in posting it to eBay. Hmmmmm..... Ideas?


marion said...

Am I the only one who likes Chloe's OFW collection better than the others? I can't vote in the poll anymore but, surely, I am not alone...right??

Amy said...

I like Chloe's collection too, Marion.

LauraK said...

Hi Marion,

Yes, Chloe's collection is beautiful. Many here have commented that she is generally "ahead of the curve" with her nod to volume. Tim compared her to Balenciaga, after all! Chloe's designs have been consistently excellent all season. She is professional and lovely in every way. Of course she is a contender.

I didn't mention her standing in the poll because it really hasn't changed much since yesterday. Of course, this vote has no influence on the outcome. (That has already been determined.)

Don't forget that there are supposed to be some poll questions in the show tomorrow night, too!

praddicted said...

Hey, Laura, thanks for saying that-I wondered why those dresses were still around when they had been won a while ago. Couldn't quite figure it out. I thought Nina looked rockin'-I'm going to try to check out where the big H&M is in relation to our BPR trip and see if I can sneak in a visit-I love her style.

sarahlad said...

The dresses also looked altered and finished last night than they did in the challenges. I thought Daniel's dress's neck did not stand up as it had before. (I liked it better "poofy") Also, the "big butt" on Chloe's looked more fitted to Grace.

I think all the OFW collections are great- it is just a matter of taste now, in my opinion.

Upstate NY PR fan said...

I also wondered about the bidders/buyers of those dresses, and after I saw the state of Santino's Nickie Hilton dress hem on The View today, that bidder should be worried - it is shredding badly and needs repair. I actually liked Daniel's orchid top better - it looked more wearable but still different. It's interesting how clothes - construction and materials wear over time...

I think all the designers have their strong points and Chloe certainly has hers - she may not have as big a fan club as Santino or Daniel!

sallahdog said...

I can make the case for any one of the 3 designers to win. It really is just a matter of taste. I actually think of all the collections there were at least a few pieces in each that I would wear. Chloe impressed me throughout the competition and even if she doesnt "win", She has gained invaluable exposure for her store and her line of clothing, that she already produces. I honestly wonder if winning wouldnt end up being a bad thing for her, because she has been pretty clear that she loves living in Houston and doesn't want to do the NYC thing anymore...

fashionasart said...

Daniel's "orchid" dress- yes, more wearable but FAR LESS distinctive and amazing. It didn't win because it was wearable, indeed the opposite.

All three collections (OFW) had winning pieces in them (including, of course, Kara's: sad that "common"--i.e., nonBlog, viewers will not be treated to her delightful eye-pleasing Fashion vision).

I propose/agree that it's pretty much a three-way tie going into the final vote. I think Chloe has already sucked all the honey out of the flower that she needs to. Santino is assured of a place in "pop culture" and possibly the Haute Couture scene. Daniel, who admittedly has never been my favourite (though the NH and Flower Power challenges found him rising to his fullest height) is probably best suited to BR and the other ammenities that come along with it. He alone is already living in New York and he seems the most stable and focused of the designers.

IF the judges factor these elements into their final decision, I would say he's a 3-2 favourite. I need to see the collections again but I would vote:
Chloe: A-
Santino: B+
Daniel: A-
Both Daniel and Santino seemed to settle for safe, and a smattering of their signature looks. Chloe stretched, even perhaps beyond her limits, to a new level of invention, risk and perfection. I probably would give her the edge, albeit close.

This said, Kara's was by far my favourite collection: it was witty, young, wearable, and presented in an electrifying spectrum of colour (stolen, I believe I've said elsewhere, right out of Monet's paintbox).

JMO :-))

marion said...

Hooray for some Chloe love (and love for the others, too)! Thanks, guys, for getting me over my hump. My point of view has been changed forever because of these designers (all of 'em) and I am so grateful that there are opportunities such as PR to broaden my perspective of the world. It may be "just fashion" but I think PR (and most any artistic experience) is also kind of like that movie Pleasantville. Who knew such amazing ideas were out there in the world?

travis said...

last week i won daniel and andre's sketches from "window shopping" and still haven't heard a peep or even been billed. i've tried the "contact" section in the "buy runway" store and still no word. interesting indeed that there was no mention of waiting until the end of the season to get the goods. i can't wait though. i'll definately share a glimpse of all 6 pages when i get them :D