Saturday, March 04, 2006

Marathon Reminder

Keep in mind that Bravo will be running back-to-back episodes all day today, starting at noon Eastern beginning with Clothes Off Your Back. Missed an episode? Here's a good way see them.

And for those of you that missed the Road to Runway episode (and iTunes, as of this writing, does not offer that one), you can catch it Monday at 2:00 p.m. This will be the only showing of that episode prior to the Part 2 of the Finale.

Also, tonight at 8:30 PM on iChannel (formerly PAX TV) there is a half-hour special on Project Runway. Click here for more info. (Thanks SAF.)


katiecoo said...

Thanks for this, I just set my TIVO. I also see the marathon is playing on Mon as well.

I don't see the "Road to Runway" you mention. Is this also on Bravo?

Thanks for all the great listings.

Emily said...

Santino on Best Week Ever is nothing to post videos about. He was on it for all of 10 seconds and Daniel was on even less.

The Scarlett said...

Katiecoo, you can find the listing on Monday at 2:00 P.M. (Eastern)

Emily, I finally saw the episode and I removed the request. I was hopeful that we could give Santino some love.

InsultComicDog said...

One thing I never noticed before was how recklessly Zulema cut the garment in COYB - she had plenty of fabric not to make the dress too short and just chopped it carelessly. Then later she tried to make it sound like she didn't have enough material.