Friday, March 03, 2006

Santino Appears on VH-1's Best Week Ever Tonight!

Click here for the schedule. Thanks Jamey!

Also, the recaps are coming in - check them out here. Please continue to forward these to Tbone at

Click Here for A Peta Awards video including a brief appearance by Tim Gunn. (Thanks, Mel.)

Also, there's a new article here about the stuff that you can and can't buy. PR fans want more!

Aren't any guys interested in our BPR Tour? Looks like it's almost all girls!


soldlikebagels said...

Santino's blog had a Project Star Wars photo. Too funny.
Whatever they do on VH1 with Santino, I hope there's singing. I'm now stuck on "Don't let Emmett on the Serger"

katiecoo said...

Thank you for this! Will be tuning in!

Jan the Dan Fan said...


Daniel was also just on!!!!!!!!!!

(Although his hair was parted in a slightly dorky way)

But he was also on BWE this evening.

echoe311 said...

Where can I get more info on the BPR tour?

Email me at

P.S. I'm a guy.

johnny darling said...

Who can transcribe or tell us about the Santino/Andrae interview on Sirius?

Li'l Pony said...

I'm a guy too and I'm interested in the BPR tour!

fluffsters said...

glad to hear about peta and parsons. i wish pr would make it a rule: no fur. i was offended by kara saun's collection of many pelts. honestly, in this day and age.