Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Reactions to Finale Part One

What did you think? Like the surprises? Has this episode changed your opinions on anything?


Anonymous said...

Santino looked nice in fact....He is not that hateful any more....

The surprise is kind of mean. But as an audience, I like it@_@

Anonymous said...

I was dissapointed with Dan's collection. Didn't like Chloe's either, but on the show she was kind of a one note so I wasn't expecting anything amazing from her.

Anonymous said...

I really want Daniel to win. They hardly showed us his collection,but they made it seem like it was horrible or something. I'm worried...

Anonymous said...

What do you know - Santino is a real human being - those little kids know and like Santino - and so do I

Aunt Gina said...

Oh dear I think we are being manipulated....if my radar is correct, and bearing in mind that the finale is in the can already, I have a sneaking suspicion that what we saw tonight was the reinvention of Santino...and although the idea fills me with fear and loathing, I can only imagine one reason why the producers would make such an effort. I shudder to think. Someone please tell me it isn't so.
Lie to me if necessary.

"Oh his life was so filled with adversity, and oh he was homeless, and look he has friends and children are hugging his neck"...what is the point here if not to make us all say oh Santino you were such a horse's ass, but now we understand why and suddenly we recognize the genius underneath all that angst. We feel your pain, and of course, you deserve to win.

Call me a bitter old woman if you must, call me a cynic, but I am not buying this. I do not like being spoon fed this "re-habbed, come-to-Jesus, please forgive me, I'm not such a bad guy really" Santino. Not buying it one bit. And I resent being played.

I should lighten's just reality television.

Anonymous said...

I thought Kara looked sad that Chloe didn't choose her...I guess she was busy with her own collection, still seemed sad because they were so close. But Kara doesn't do a lot of eveningware, so perhaps Chloe was thinking she wouldn't be the most helpful to sew a dress. And I was happy to see Diana again, and she seemed so excited and appreciative!

memee said...

I felt bad for putting down daniel's and chloe's collections before, since now I can see how hard they worked on them and how much it meant to them. I still believe Santino's was the best, but I think they're all good in that each designer seemed happy with their own collections. And even if Tim didn't like Daniel's collection, he could have at least said something encouraging, since it was too late to change much anyway.

It was really interesting to learn more about Santino's life and what he's gone through. He came off pretty well in this episode, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I am a bit tired of the manipulation from the PR producers. Even tonight the days before the runway show we were barely shown with clothes. Only fractions of these designers' supposed "personality". I doubt if Tim really was indifferent with Daniel V's collection, considering we barely saw his clothes.

I personally think tonight Daniel V showed that he's indeed the youngest one of the bunch, he still came across sincere and solid but finally acted like a 24yrs old boy.

I am still not feeling Santino's clothes, though Tim praised on his mossy green dress, I sensed no energy or inspiration from his work.

Still root for Daniel V to win the whole game.

memee said...

kidlyd, I agree! :)

Anonymous said...

@ I agree with you. I've been saying for weeks now that the producers are so invested in Santino now they almost have to make us all like him or feel sorry for him. Whatever. In fact, I do feel a little sorry for him. It's like he can't help himself. He is an #$$ at his core and it slips through no matter how you try to package it. Remember this program was filmed just a few weeks ago. By then they were getting lots of feedback about how the audience was really reacting to him. Notice he said he had read every blog. Hmmm!!! This one has been tame compared to alot of others. I agree with Daniel and Chloe, "you made your bed, now lie in it."

I will say, if he wins, I'm truly finished with this show. Truly.

Anonymous said...

The producers are setting us up - again - Daniel's collection concerns Tim Gunn - so probably Daniel will win -

The judging has been so subjective that they can give it to any of them and justify it

I like Santino's collection and it makes real sense now that he has said it is 40's Hollywood, pin up, boudoir - that's what I see in his collection

I have always liked Santino and worry that if other people are thinking they now "know" and see a "softer" side - then the producers will slam the Santino likers to the ground and he will not win

Anonymous said...

I felt Chloe was hypocritical by mentioning how hurt she was about Santino's remark about her being just a pattern maker - what about the remark she made about him not being able to sew (which was said prior to his comment)? I think of all 3, Santino shows the most passion, the most creativity and most depth and I believe he will make the most of what was given to him. He seems the most hungry and I wish him so much luck. I believe Daniel & Chloe are talented but missing the edge.

Anonymous said...

They play up Santino's good side now....but what about that naughty fingerplay! I wonder if that was old or new

Anonymous said...

You know, Santino's collection is so totally different from anything he's done all season. I think they helped him. They've got to prop him up at this point.

Anonymous said...

I feel like the addition of the thirteenth outfit compromised so much of the show's integrity for me. Certain things in this season were completely made for TV without adding anything to the actual design process. While I understand that's important, some things were merely meant to cause unneccessary drama, and that's all this last surprise seemed to do. It's as if the producers are trying to throw as many rocks at the designers as they possibly can. Santino alluded to the fact that he was going to have hide this one rushed piece in amongst things he'd spent so much time on. I completely agree. Why do this to them? It's just over the top. Their reactions showed it too.

I hate to say it, but wow, this episode left a horrible taste in my mouth. I'm completely apathetic about the finale.

Anonymous said...

Hey @ and anonymous...your distaste for santino is yours alone. You don't GET Santino, and that's too bad. Many don't get him around here, apparently. But think for a second about some of the extreme personalities that you find in the fashion business. The successful designers aren't little doe eyed nice boys like Daniel V. They're eccentric, opinionated, and...other adjectives as well.

Get over it. Santino is the most talented of the bunch. He made some mistakes throughout the show, but they all did. He ran out of time a couple times and was lucky to not be penalized but thankfully, the mediocrity of his competition kept him alive.

You talk of "manipulation". Good grief. Get over it. Don't you realize that through editing he was made to look worse than he is? And now they back away from that and you call it manipulation? It's too bad that Nick had to take his "you can't polish a turd" joke. It only reflected insecurity on Nick's part. A confident guy would have laughed.

What I get from Santino is a good hearted, good natured kid who has a burning desire to prove himself because he's basically been called a freak all his life and hasn't had anything handed to him. He's remarkably talented and UNIQUE, which is what designers ought to be. Daniel V is nice and he's talented but how unique is he? Chloe is a very skilled garment maker. I don't think of her as a designer first. She hasn't shown me that, and she hasn't shown the professional judges that, either.

Santino should win because he's the best DESIGNER of the bunch.

All about the Zen said...

OOOHHH, it's killing me....why are they making me like Santino? Is he messing with us again? Did he hire a image consultant? UUgghh!
I do like his collection. Where was he hiding this stuff?

Oh, Daniel. He is a young puppy looking for love and affection isn't he? I liked his collection but went back to look after the episode tonite and I picked up on some of the things Tim seemed to be concerned about. I do like how he stretched a bit since the show.

Chloe. She's a sweetie, but some of her dresses look like bridesmaid dresses. The shiny shiny. Love the green fabric.

The twist was killer!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I don't know why everyone is carrying on about Santino. His collection is the weakest because he has trumped himself throughout the show to be this creative designer a la Galliano or McQueen.

But what he showed during fashionweek wasn't creative or edgy. You can find similar pieces at Forever 21 and probably better made. When he takes risks his clothes are costumey and when he is practical is clothes are boring and derivative.

Daniel is a young guy, so I don't understand why his clothes are so mature looking. I think Tim might be on to something.

Chloe was hit or miss. She played with the Balenciaga volume but I just wish her taste was a little bit more sophisticated.

Anonymous said...

Santino seems like a pretty nice guy after all...underneath all that arrogance n obnoxiousness. The preview of his collection seems pretty winnable. It was Santino flare with elegance i thought.

Cloe grew up in pretty hard times. She makes clothing without sketching!! What was that big puffy red dress in one of her collection?

Poor Daniel V. Seems like he really got the jitters before the final show. He looks better with shorter hair. I loved the black & white printed jacket and the model he chose! He should stick to clothing and stay away from handbags. He shops at Lounge, a store in Soho with fabulous vintage/couture clothing.

Anonymous said...

About why Kara looked sad, I think it's because she had to do the 13th one as well. She was stressed too.

All about the Zen said...


Very interesting thought on Santino's collection. It is pretty safe isn't it?

Anonymous said...

So did anyone else see the zulema COYB "inspired" dress in Daniel's collection? It just popped out to me, maybe that being the 13th look, also the fact that it didn't follow Daniel's color theme with the blacks, whites and neutrals. With Chloe I think it is obvious that the 13th look is the gold "baby doll" dress that blends in flawlessly. In Santino's collection I'm guessing that the leather bomber top hybrid dress is his 13th look, which screams Santino to me.

I really hate how Bravo split the actual runway shows from the prelude to the runway this season.

In terms of next season, I'm waiting for something new. I think this season was the reassurance that the show would/could be a hit, I think next season will be the reinvention and will end up being the best of the three.

grudge girl said...

I loved this episode. Andrae was so sweet to Santino. He really is the kindest person, and Santino picked the right person to be supportive and encouraging when he's so stressed out. Thank goodness for him Andrae seems to be really forgiving, as well.

I was bored with Daniel's collection when I saw the runway pictures, and I still am. I liked Santino's stuff better than what I saw in the pictures. Chloe's is still too poufy and 80s for me.

I still like Kara's the best.

Loved the extra challenge. That was just evil. Heh.

Sam said...

I think the new twist is DUMB and baldly manipulative. We're to believe that months of pefecting their collections, they now have to throw together another last-minute piece and take it on the runway? Why, other than last minute drama? It feels tacked on because they don't have a Wendy-Kara face off to get things sparking. At least it means the return of Nick, my dreamboat.
My answer to @ is I think they're setting us up to believe Daniel V will loose, just like every episode. That means he won't loose. Don't worry.

Anonymous said...

I'm serious twocats

I think it was Santino's plan all the time. I'll make such hideous outfits, that come fashionweek, anything remotely wearable will be praised and loved. Seriously....

Anonymous said...

I think this is Santino's last minute look

Because on the previews for next week you can see the beginnings of this dress (just the lacey part of the top) on a dress form.

I must say for being last-minute it doesn't look as bad as you would think

Anonymous said...

Ugg.... another 40s Hollywood pinup theme. Haven't we seen this concept over and over again?! I am feeling uninspired by all three of these collections.

Santino's is unoriginal yet very polished. Daniel V (my fav.) is very Banana Republic feely and possibly a little too safe. Chloe seems like the Wendy Pepper (no theme but nice clothing). Chloe comes off too 1980s "fashion-bitch couture."

So those are only my opinions. I feel like no one really pushed the envelope or popped the bubble. Definately not up to par with last years collection. I think sweet Diana Eng could have pushed the envelop moreso than these three.

And Liza, couldnt say it better myself. Who are we to make personal attacks based of TV editing and manipulation. Lets just judge the clothes.

Anonymous said...

I liked Santino from the first espisode. He has what it takes to make it in the very competitive world of fashion. Talent, drive and ambition. I watch the show to see creativity not personality.

Anonymous said...

I feel like the addition of the thirteenth outfit compromised so much of the show's integrity for me. Certain things in this season were completely made for TV without adding anything to the actual design process. While I understand that's important, some things were merely meant to cause unneccessary drama, and that's all this last surprise seemed to do. It's as if the producers are trying to throw as many rocks at the designers as they possibly can. Santino alluded to the fact that he was going to have hide this one rushed piece in amongst things he'd spent so much time on. I completely agree. Why do this to them? It's just over the top. Their reactions showed it too.

I hate to say it, but wow, this episode left a horrible taste in my mouth. I'm completely apathetic about the finale.

I totally agree!

Chloe made a bad decision picking Diana. Was it racial? Or did she see something that everyone missed? Diana cannot sew, her design point-of-view is completely different from Chloe's, and she’s scatter-brained. I don't understand that decision. She should have picked someone that is a great follower like Kara or Emmett, but he can't sew either.

I was SHOCKED by Chloe's collection. The designs are so absurd and the colors are ridiculous. I thought she would do something sophisticated but still youthful. It’s totally not what I expected.

Daniel was a HUGE disappointment. I don’t understand his point-of-view. He always makes old-looking clothing that are always dark. His clothing is so serious. Oh my, those bags... it’s 2006 not 1966. It’s like he designed the collection for an octogenarian widow. He might want to dust the clothing off before he shows them.

I knew once Santino got home he would recharge and put all his effort into making the best collection that he can. And he did. (Remember the green baby doll dress Ep. #1) He’s the only one that has fulfilled their potential among the final 3.

I really wanted Daniel to pull out all the stops. I wanted him to win. :(

Anonymous said...

How was Kara in the group of designers if she had her own collection to complete and perfect in two days?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Chloe should need Tim to validate herself. SOMEONE must like her clothes, she has a shop! I don't know what kind of an impression anyone can make out of the stuff we saw tonight...which is nothing. One dress from Santino (loved it!) A coat from Danile V (loved it) a couple dresses from Chloe (hated it), what heck was that puffy thing? I think I saw that on an old 80's movie...yikes! I hope the rest is different!

Tbone said...

Please watch your language everyone! We don't mind disagreements, just keep it clean please.

Anonymous said...

to all those quarrelling about santino this and that how about you....


and may the best man win!!!

Anonymous said...

Chloe picked Diana because she can boss her around and sap some creativity out of her. We all know Diana is an ideas girl and a nice girl to boot, and Im sure Chloe is not adverse to USING her!

Anonymous said...

Consider the shape they were all in when they had to pick - I don't think it's a coincidence that they all picked the person they felt most at ease with (ex-Kara, who I suspect was off-limits because of her own FW craziness).

Anonymous said...

I think one person used the words 80's prom dress about chloe's collection- and everyone else is going to town with it. That blue dress with the cut out back is beautiful- and original- she has a lot of great pieces in her collection. Santino's is my favorite collection though.

Dorian said...

I actually enjoyed this episode much.

Yes the "feel bad for Santino" part smacked of resympatheziing him in our eyes but 1) it worked as hell and 2) while it is staged it comes from a honest place. I mean noone is totallyt evil mean and cold hearted. And most arrogant people are actually really insecure as you all may know from ... I dunno ... life ?

Is it me or has daniel amped his gay quotient by like 400% in the six months between the end of the show and Fashion Week ? I love it but it seemed to act very different. Way more relaxed. Im sad to not be liking his collection but I actually liked his bag !

Havent had agood feel of Chloes either but I agree with fellow poster than her choice of Diana was hella weird. She didnt need a friend but a good sower at the minimum and however much I like Diana thats not her strong suit.

Kara did look hurt she wasnt picked.

I also would be very mad about the twist would I be the designers. But I guess they need to be reminded this is still a game/TV show.


I enjoyed the show but it did make me sad. Santino should win based on the collection (and thats what Jay won on coz Kara Saun was a clear winner based on the challenges alone)

Anonymous said...

Wow about the suprise! I understand why Chloe was so upset after she had just said she couldn't design another piece.

Santino seemed almost human the way he was acting with his friends kids. The way the littlest one was hugging and playing on him. He can't be all that bad then.

I loved Santinos face after Dan picked Nick to be his assistant.

Anonymous said...

Don't know how many of you have been following the recent NYC-Milan-Paris Fall06 couture shows, but the big guns are all showing lots of shiny-shiny with hints of 1980s.

FWIW - Quite similar to what Chloe tried to do with her collection.

-- desertwind

PS - I don't have TV, but if Bravo doesn't show Kara's collection, they're really insane.

PPS - That surprise challenge was cruel fun? None of us guessed it, did we?

FancyPants said...

Wow. Son of a disabled vet, bi-racial,and growing up different in the unforgiving Midwest (raised there myself). This episode explained it all. Santino, all is forgiven. I'm as shocked as anybody could be about my own feelings and how they've changed.
And I hope he wins. And that is something I could never have imagined saying. Of course he chose Andrae-the nurturer. He's the closest thing available as the much-needed "family" connection. Next week's finale is bound to be a heart-breaker, no matter who wins, because we'll have to say goodbye. What a season.

Anonymous said...

At first, I thought Chloe didn't choose Kara because Kara can sometimes cave under pressure, but, as someone said, Kara had her own collection to complete, so maybe the producers didn't want anyone choosing her?

Anonymous said...

i always liked Santino, even if I didnt like everything he made..he did have a few good ones in there. I do like his collection tho. I would love to see him win.
I wasnt crazy about Chloe's.
I did like Daniel's tho. It was great seeing Nick and Andrae again.
I cant wait to see next week...but I'm gonna be sad to see it end. What a season!

nsa said...

Hey, so do you think that Kara had to whip up one extra look in the same time frame to maintain the decoy thing, or do you think they told her ahead of time? If they didn't tell her, that would be just plain mean. (however, that would be in line with the spirit of the challenge)

Also, I remember thinking the pictures I saw of Chloe's collection had way too much gold. But I think, because her fabrics were so much a part of the identity of the collection, she couldn't just buy some other fabric--it would stick out like a sore thumb.

Anonymous said...

Now Santino makes sense. His life experiences have created this tough, arrogant shell that he uses deflect the criticisms of others. I think he probably lashes out at others before they can critize him. Get's in the first blow. His experiences could have made him a martyr or a fighter and you can tell which way he went.

I agree that Daniel's collection is very "Banana Republic" friendly. And since that is who he is hoping to apprentice with if he wins, he played it safe by playing up to their style.

I also agree that Cloe's collections had a bit too much poofy 80's prom dress elements. I did not like the fat pink ribbon details on the dress she showed Tim. It was too strong an element on that dress. Her best work on the challenge episodes showed her beautiful taste for the female form and this collection did not honor that as much.

Santino's collection is toned down from what he did in the challenges. But if you think about it, he had to create 12 looks that all fit together cohesively. He can't use a "costumey" design philosophy to fulfill that. Plus he too needed to accept that he was working towards an apprenticeship with BR so he probably wanted to appeal more to that mainstream. I personally liked his pieces a lot. And - I can't believe I'm saying this - I kind of liked him a lot more after this episode.

Finally, I think the last-minute challenge was a bit of unfair TV drama. We saw enough pain and angst from those designers not to put them through another hurdle. I am glad they were at least able to get the extra set of hands to help. I too agree that Cloe's choice of Diana may have been a mistake. The boys definitely picked the right people to help them out.

Boy, I am sure going to miss having this fun, creative, frustrating, drama-filled show to mull over when it is all over!

Anonymous said...

It's funny because I think I really despised at least one outfit from each collection. Probably more. I feel kind of let down by all of them.

Chloe's is my favorite. Even though I don't get the poofiness of it all, I love the back cuts and hem detailing.

DV's was really basic. A lot of the clothes I felt I'd seen a thousand times in the mall.

Santino's was awkward. It kind of reminded me of Wendy Pepper's from last year. Then some of the big half-poncho half-shrug things that draped over the models were incredibly unflattering.

I think the top two collections from last year FAR outshine this year's. They both had a wonderful POV, great detailing, fit well, and suited the designer's style. I don't get that vibe this year.

Mei-Ling said...

always thought chloe should win; not so sure anymore. i like some of santino's design and many of daniel's. oh, well! i guess we will finally see next week.

feeling a little dissapointed about this season's final.


Anonymous said...

At first I thought Kara seemed upset at not being chosen to help Chloe. She and Emmett both seemed to have odd looks on their faces. But, the more I thought about it... I bet Kara was really feeling the pain of her fellow designers. It must have been odd to be herded into that room to find all three of them visibly distraught and be unable to comfort or reassure them.

Anonymous said...

I only want people to win based on their clothes, not on their "personality" (or the personality that the editors chose for us to see, lets face it, in any given week, you could edit me to look like a saint or a sinner if you are just choosing a few moments out of the week.

I was in Vegas recently, walking through the shops at the various casinos (lol, I am not a gambler,but a shopper.) Most of the major designers have shops there. Honestly I would have been more impressed with Santinos collection if I hadn't seen so much of it already in some other designers collection.

Daniels was subtle, yet with interesting details and a real sophistication that I must admit I loved. But then I have my own biases to designers that are less about POW and more about the sophistication and the details.

Chloes was really hit and miss for me. I must admit, I am not a fan of shiny fabric ( too many times as a bridesmaid, lol). BUT, I found her pieces to be interesting in their construction and a few I LOVED.
Soooooo... I think one could make a case for any of them to win. If someone had to twist my arm, I would tend to choose Daniel (although throughout the competition I have liked Chloe better.)

Anonymous said...

Chloe freaked me out. No sketches? OMG! How can you hope to build a cohesive collection without *any* sketches? :-O

I was shocked to see Tim so unresponsive to Daniel's collection. I thought the clothes were kind of ordinary when I looked at the runway show photos but found Tim's reaction a bit alarming - as did Daniel!

Surprisingly, I liked Santino. I can't believe I'm saying that! He seemed very sensitive and almost vulnerable last night. Why was he so mean to everyone on the show? I can only think that maybe @ is correct! We are all being manipulated. I did like what I saw of his collection. Where has the wickety-wack gone?

Anonymous said...

In one of the interviews with Chloe, she said that she got along best with Emmett and Diana. With Nick and Andrae already picked, Kara probably off-limits, who was left? Emmett was probably slightly upset that he wasn't picked, but again - he's a menswear designer. Diana may not have the best sewing skills, but she does have lots of ideas - and that's what Chloe was lacking at that point - ideas. The sewing she could probably do herself blindfolded.

AJ said...

What's up y'all...sorry I missed the party last night!

There was so much information thrown at us during this episode...I LOVED it!

Santino- in a word, he was humanized. I think all of the snide comments he has made throughout the show are a defense mechanism. I'll insult you before you can put me down type behavior. I've seen it before, I've DONE it before...I'm not going to feel sorry for him about it, but it explains a lot of the way he acted throughout the filming of the show.

That being said, I do really like his collection. He toned the whickety-whack down the right way and his pieces look fierce so far! I can't wait to see them on the runway next week.

Daniel- Tim's silence/disappointment would unnerve the heck out of me too! Yes, his designs are very simple, but very chic at the same time and what makes them special really is in the details. The button detailing looks so fabulous on those skinny pants, the shift dress and that white jacket is stunning. The pictures from FW show how lovely the clothes look on the models and again, I can't wait to see them in motion.

Chloe- It's very Knot's Landing. I'm just not a huge fan of the shimmery fabric mixed with wide shoulders and poofy skirts. I think that the pieces look worse on the hangers then they did in the pictures from FW, but I like that Chloe was a bit more ambitious. It might not have worked too well...but again, we won't know until the show airs next week. Plus, how scary that she had to flee Laos at such a young age...I had no idea.

The bomb- the bomb would be the one that Tim and Heidi dropped on the designers. How much does that suck? You've got three strung out and exhausted designers preparing for the biggest day of their lives and then you spring THIS on them?! I can't blame Chloe for crying!

But when they said they'd have extra hands, I got all excited. Especially when I saw Kara, cuz I figured that they'd bring back the 3 most recently cut designers. Then Lupe was right behind Kara and I was literally like "LUPE?!?!" Then I was releived because everyone came through the door and I actually squealed a little because Andrae and Nick were back. Yes...I'm a giant nerd.

Anyway...I seriously have no idea who's going to win. I'd like to see it go to Daniel just cuz he's my favorite of the three, but the producers are tricky on this show...we won't know until the bitter end;)

AJ said...

holy h*ll...I wrote a book!

sorry so long!

Anonymous said...

I was expecting Chloe to pick Kara for sure but am thrilled she picked Diana. I want more Diana! The other choices Dan and Nick, Santino and Andre went like I thought they would. More Nick and Andre! I puzzled at Chloe’s choice because Kara is good and they seemed to bond. But then I thought maybe Chloe was so overwhelmed with the pressure of a 13th design in 48 hours and Kara does get indecisive at crunch time. Maybe that’s why she went with the calmer Diana. The producers were down right mean to the designers to issue this last minute challenge. But you have to admit it makes for great drama.

Trish said...

I wanted Chloe to pick Emmett, based on the fact that from here, we know that they are great friends. But she probably thought to herself that Emmett is busy with the opening of his store and Kara is also showing. Not sure she's doing herself a favor with Diana though, but I guess we'll see...

Anonymous said...

On the whole Santino debacle - I agree that we're being manipulated. But in a different way than "@" thinks. Read on...

Week after week, seeing the judges have letSantino get away with poorly executed or downright UGLY clothes based on the same tired excuse that he is creative and just needs to reign it in.

People got kicked out of the show for a lot less than Santino's glued-on sleeve, or the many ridiculous outfits he showed inbetween the few that were actually beautiful. As if the other designers were not creative?

Below are possible reasons for this sham:

1) As we all know, the judges consult with the producers to decide who gets kicked out (if you don't believe me, read the small print when the credits roll up at the end of the show). Santino provides drama. It's good TV. The producers will push to keep him on and make whatever excuses they need to.

2) The judges are far more insecure than they let on. Let's face it, these judges became the B-list celebrities they now are because of the show, not the other way around. A-list judges would include a real supermodel like Naomi Campbell, a real designer like Galliano, Gaultier, etc and the editor for Vogue, not for Elle... Santino talks back to them and can be really aggressive. At the end of the day, this whole thing is very subjective and if Santino shouts loud enough, it will hit on the judges' insecurity and they will second-guess themselves.

So - when I think about the final contest, there must be an interesting dynamic happening. The producers probably did not want Santino to win because he's the designated villain (as the NYT calls him). On the other hand, if he had a decent collection, the judges may be invested on him enough to tip the scale, causing the producers to have a desperate attempt to cast him in a more positive light yesterday.

All I know is that I'm tired of these gimmicks and while I like the drama, I like fairness better. No matter how good his final collection, Santino should have been eliminated long ago. If he wins this thing, there's not enough manipulation in the world that will want me make watch season 3!!

Anonymous said...

I've thought for weeks that Dan V. who in my opinion has won several Runway challenges by default, would win it all - not so sure now.

Wasn't it Dan V. who said that Kara made clothes that looked too J.C. Penney?? That's exactly what his collection reminds me of! Just walk thru Penney's and pull and you can pull any of it right off the rack. I'm so disappointed that he'd throw away the chance of a lifetime on such mundane clothing.

Chloe was my favorite during the show but her collection - ugh. What was she thinking???

Santino's collection, again in my opinion, is the best of the three. None of the three collections are "BAM" as Kara would say, but Santino's is the one that makes me go back to look a second and third time.

Anonymous said...

So my thoughts on the episode last night:
1. the whole show is manipulation so just let it flow over you and enjoy
2. chloe made a really odd choice picking diana and i am really not sure why-they didn't even appear to be that close during the show but maybe there were things we didn't see.
3. they all said mean and hateful things during the course of the show - santino actually told people to their faces what others where whispering behind there backs-that is actually a sign of character. of course he could have been nicer, they all had moments where they could have been nicer.
4. based on the collections i really liked santino's the best-i am not sure i would wear anything from anyones just because none of them are my style, but his seemed the most polised. I did like dan v.'s purse though.

Anonymous said...

i think the puffy pink Chloe jacket resembles a dress I wore to 8th grade graduation in the 80s.

Anonymous said...

the one thing that really bothered me during this episode, was that the designers had a lot of time to work on thier collections. So i was really surprised they seemed to have so much work to do still.

otherwise, i really like santino's collection. Dan's seems a bit safe and Chole's is very hit or miss.

I think santino may be the winner, which is party why they tried to humanize him so much this week.

Only one more week. I can't wait to see who wins. Although i wish all of the designers had shown edgy collections. Kara's was the only one that actually seemed like a new pospective. too bad she can't win.

Anonymous said...

im surprised that it seems im in the minority of people completely disgusted with the "twist". sure, last minute deadlines are part of the process, but certainly the whole notion of a collection is it takes time, preplaning, and the surprises should be in the problems encountered execution, not in the actual design brief.

this "twist" took a show that had a comfortable balance of "reality television drama" with connection to an actual industry and craft...and screwed that balance entirely.

the surprise is more than a surprise, its a sign that, as I've said before, the production team is tired , lazy, and losing their creative edge.


Anonymous said...

I think requiring the designers to crank out yet another dress/garment is pure cruelity at this point. Santino hadn't even fitted his models yet, and all of those alterations that needed to be made on Chloe's designs, and the details on Daniel's that needed to be added, etc. All of the designers looked as if they were about to be drafted to war, even before they knew what the 'surprise' would be.
It was if the producers asked seasoned designers what exactly would be the hardest wrench they could throw into the mess before Fashion Week, and then the producers said, "Hey, thanks for your input. Let's do just that!"

Brent said...

Regarding Santino, I just want to weigh in with my slice of luv for the big guy.

Santino actually reminds me a lot of one of my best friends - They have very similar personalities. My friend is a radio personality who is half Chinese and half Mexican. She comes from a lower Middle class family and has always felt that she has to fight for everything. And actually, people would look at her and think she was kind of bizarre if she didn't come back at them with her super strong personality and insults and, yes, also impressions and funny voices. She really knows how to stand her own ground.

The offense people took to Santino's comments and that they would consider him egotistical is a lack of understanding on the part of these folks. He has a good heart, and his insults should be taken more along the lines of what you might expect from a surly waitress at a favorite truck stop. Only far, far classier and more beautifully delivered.

Gotta love the guy.

Anonymous said...

Santino is kind of annoying, but his collection is really the best and he has certainly paid his dues.

I agree that Daniel's line is boring, but I think Chloe's is atrocious and I'm suprised that Tim didn't seem more disappointed with her. Kara's is the only real competition with Santino's. Too bad they probably aren't going to show it.

praddicted said...

I love Santino's collection and I am not a Santino fan. I think it's interesting that Santino is coming across as more likeable and human, and Daniel more-shall we say *confident*. Trying to level the playing field, personality-wise? Tim is making me nervous, too. His comments usually come back on the runway and I'm nervous about Daniel.

I was surprised to see Chloe choose Diana but it kind of makes sense-in this situation I think Andrae (love him) is the strongest-he can help design with a fresh eye AND sew. Nick is great but he needs to give Daniel a new perspective, to shake him up a little and he doesn't like to go against people, KWIM? Diana was the 3rd best, I guess in this situation. Too bad Raymundo is sort of unknown-I have a sense he would be good. Love to see HIM on season 3.

I wish we had seen more of the collections being created and the preparations for FW. Lots of PR models were used, did they try out? Could be that I always just want to see more but I feel like that part was shortchanged. And yes, what is Kara doing now? How does she get her models, etc? I'd like to see some of that-

Loved seeing the 13 again. Wonder if this was before or after the reunion show?

Now I'm not sure of the winner-I think Santino has a strong case. And played up or not, I do like what we saw last night. To me, it spoke volumes about him-not that it excuses him but I think we saw another side that doesn't come out easily. Loved the kids hanging on him. I'm still rooting for Daniel but I wish we had seen some of these Santino designs during the season.

Anonymous said...

....i went to the show and daniel's collection was the best. he had a nice mix whereas Santino showed only evening wear and chloe's was just blah. i think daniel deserves to win based on raw talent. his collection looked sophisticated and expensive. and we all know its all about looking expensive.

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest, the producers of PR have manipulated all of us from the start and I agree with some that they are setting us up for a win for Santino....YUK. He has scored the lowest all three designers this season. Daniel has produced well made and good looking garments consistently. It’s unfortunate that some think his line is boring when in actuality its classic. The fans of season two are smart and won’t take it very lightly if we’re manipulated into a win for Santino. They do want us showing up for season 3, correct?

Anonymous said...

Can you all stand a couple more observations about Santino?:

Last night Santino seemed to be picking his words more carefully in what appears to be the post summer footage. Still says what he thinks about everyone else though.
Regarding how different his collection seems to be with what he did on the show, he did say when under the time gun he threw more and more on to make it clear he had a creative point of view, a risky but ultimately successful strategy but not necessary for FW as he had the time to develop.
I'm so ambivalent about him, hate the stupid, jr. high behavior, like his designs when he thinks them out.
And BTW, speaking as a resident of LA (in the boring suburbs I admit), I'm wondering how he ended up renting that place in Hollywood? Real estate in that area is pricy! Something must have changed radically.

Lastly, Chloe said in yesterday's blog the designers interacted intensely with each other and knew who could do what. I would think Chloe felt she had good reason to pick Diana, although I can't fathom what is was.

Anonymous said...

I liked Santino from the first show... I think he's an artist, and very passionate about being a fashion designer.

I can see why people would hate on him, sadly. He's an easy target. I think a lot of what he said was taken out of context, he has a sarcastic wit about him. I didn't always LOVE everything he designed, but I respected his vision and ability. I think Daniel V. is extremely talented too, but hasn't 'paid his dues' like many of the other designers.

I liked a lot of Chloe's designs throughout the show, I think she makes very pretty clothes, but I'm not feeling her final collection. I did think the blue dress with the cut outs on the back was very nice.

Overall, I want Santino to win badly, but if Daniel V. won I wouldn't be upset or surprised.

Anonymous said...

This last challenge can only be described as truly heinous.

Having myself just finished a 20-hour sew-til-you-drop competition, I can fully sympathize with the emotions of the three designers. On top of fitting 12 models and finishing touches, they have to switch gears and design another outfit from scratch that works with the collection in less than 2 days?

The producers have so grossly manipulated the direction of the show that I find it dificult to watch. I feel used and would prefer to see the designers' work instead of coping with the "twists" of the competition.

BTW - I was pleasantly surprised by Santino's collection and wouldn't be shocked if he did have some help with his construction since he struggled so much during the show. I have a feeling the producers want him to win but in my mind, it is really a coin toss who will actually win.

Anonymous said...

The designers don't get an internship with Banana Republic if they win.
The get a mentorship, which according to Jay McCarroll, means they get someone's phone number at BR so they can call and ask them questions.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

jaxx-I agree completely on your Daniel comments! And it's not because I think he's this wonderfully kind and beautiful person, but because I LOVE his designs! (Being so hot and sweet are just added bonuses when it comes to Daniel.)

I'm not in the fashion industry and don't care for the costume-like designs that I would never wear. Call me "boring", but I love seeing classic pieces with special unique detailing which is what we get with Daniel. I WANT that "winter white" coat!

As for the show, I think it's still Daniel's to win. The editing has fooled us many times in the past. There were competitions that Daniel won and he wasn't featured in those commercials at all. We shall see though....

And woh--there was some hostility going on in this thread.

eric3000 said...

Darn, my post didn't work (I know you're all dissapointed!)

Well, I just wanted to congratulate those of you who predicted the surprise last night. As soon as Chloe said "I can't design one more garment" it was obvious that they would have to design one more garment. The editing is a little predictable.

I hope I like the collections more than I did last night. Chloe's did look very Knott's Landing or 1980s prom. And I was shocked she waited until the last minute to create it.

I think we are being manipulated into thinking Daniel's collection is worse than it is but I don't think we are being manipulated into liking Santino just to prepare us for his win. They did a very humanizing portrait of Wendy last season and she didn't win.

Nina Myers said...

Do you think they wouldn't let any of them choose Kara because she had a collection of her own to get ready?

erin said...

I am so sad I missed posting last night during the show.

Santino has come around. Maybe that's what happens when you're on reality tv. Much more likable this go round. And I was thrilled that he chose Andrae to be his assistant. More Andrae makes me smile.

Surprised by Tim's reactions to Dan's collection. Obviously he was too. No surprise there as he has quite the following.

Chloe looks beat. The surprise is sorta rough; I feel for the designers.

Lorraine said...

I'm glad Santino has had a chance to realize how awful he was but I'm still not convinced he's had a transformational experience. They could have rubbed him with candy to get those kids to hang on him. Whatever. His collection looks better on the hangers than on the girls. After reviewing the collections again I like Chloe's best. I think I see now why Tim was so quiet looking at Dan's. The clothes are fine but not too wow. As for the surprise, I think that was just plain cruel and unusual punishment. Maybe if they'd let each designer have a couple of helpers but man, I wanted to cry, too!

Erica said...

Saw the show in rerun last night. Regarding the comment Santino made re: Chloe's stuff, well, it may have not been a nice thing to say, but it was true. And if we can forgive Jay for occasionally being an ass in his snarky commentary, then I think we can forgive the newly introspective Santino for the same.

I didn't like him much either all season long. My taste is probably up my butt in this regard, since I have a soft spot for Daniel F. (Yeah, he's a goober. But then, I've been a goober in my life sometimes. So I can relate. And I took care of my dad too. So, whatchagonna do. Soft spot.)

At least Santino was trying to be better this time around. I appreciated the effort. And since I was the picked on person in school too, I can relate to his background (so he's developing his own soft spot in my heart). With him making that effort, and Daniel and Chloe acting all cliqueish toward him, I found my self rooting for the underdog.

Eh, so I'm an all-sucker. Wouldn't be the first time. Again, whatchagonna do.

And I can forgive Santino for two other reasons. While I can't trust his perspective on his own stuff during the show, his comments on other's work was often quite right.

I also find myself wondering how much of Kara's makeover of him he deserves the credit for, and how much she deserves the credit for. It was his taste as much as hers. And the fabrics were mostly picked out by him.

I really do think he has good taste. So when he says, in a very sincere voice, that if Daniel can't see what's wrong with his collection, that he's worried for him, I believe he is indeed worried for Daniel. And I believe there might be something wrong.

Not to mention that I don't buy for a moment that Tim would be in on any sort of deception regarding misleading us or Daniel about what his collection looks like. I think that Tim is underwhelmed. I think that Santino is underwhelmed. And many of us who've looked at the line are underwhelmed.

I will not root for Daniel V. to win because I like him or Nick or think they are nice and/or cute. I've seen too much of that sort of popularity contest on several PR boards.

Is the last show live? If not, then the people editing this show already know who won. I think they are giving Santino a good edit because they need to prepare the audience for the idea that it wouldn't be the end of the world if Santino wins.

I think his collection is the best. And I hope he is indeed the winner, personality issues and all.

Erica said...

I also want to say that I felt as bad for the other designers as I did for the Santino, Daniel and Chloe when it came to the extra challenge. Some of them had the WORST looks on their faces, like it was killing some of them to be there.

I hope, via extra footage or something, it is explained why this last challenge was deemed a good idea. Until I hear from Tim or Andy or a judge or something, I'll hold back on whether I think it was a dirty deal or not.

Perhaps they just figured that they couldn't just do a copy of last year, that they needed to switch things up a bit. I'm hoping as they see what did and didn't work in Season 1 and 2, that they will ditch the bad and keep the good for Season 3.

But having seen the three dresses, I still like Santino's the best. Is it me or was Daniel's pretty much just a sack?

eric3000 said...


Paying for work to be done out of the budget they were given is allowed. Free assistance is not.