Saturday, March 04, 2006

Recap-alooza! Episode 13 "Finale Part 1"

Thirteen episodes down and only one more to go - what are we going to do with ourselves when its all done? Season 2 has been filled with fun and intrigue and our recap specialists have covered every last minute of it (and then some). This week, the quality is universally high so make sure to stop in and say hello:

Top billing this week goes to Katey at Totes Umbrellas, with her disco balls, Inspector Gadget spies and 911 wah-mbulance calls. Huh-larious!

There's a fun game of "Which one is Chloe?" going on over at AJ's place.

The Manolo has a picture that will make you scream!

Rich at FourFour suggests a different ending would have been more appropriate for this episode.

Mags at You Forgot Poland! is wagering a carne asada burrito on the outcome next week. Anyone want to take her up?

Needs Inspiration provides us a little guide to the tricks of reality TV.

I swear I did not know Shawn from Getting To Maybe was a girl before today. Plus, there's a bonus shout-out to our BPR fave praddicted for correctly predicting this weeks surprise.

SnowflakeGirl gives us some Twist and Shout at Fans of Reality TV

The heavy industrial site recaps this week include tvsquad, Orwell Project, and Reality Shack

Don't forget our own Dr. Don, resident PR guru extrordinaire!

And finally, I agree with Tiffany at Previously On... , I don't want it to end!

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Shawn said...

Yup its a girl :) Thanks again for linking to my site! You are the best!

soulcoughing said...

i just ran across this site that is running a "prediction market" on who is going to win. it's kind of cool, you buy and sell shares in the three people that are left. so like, if you think Chloe is going to win, you buy some shares in her. I guess the idea is to get a bunch of people doing it and it predicts who is going to win ahead of time based on what everyone buys shares in. Anyways, it's at Project Runway Market

Jon Swift said...

I've been watching Project Runway since season 1 and if you compare the's not difficult to realize that Santino is this seasons Wendy Pepper. They are both misunderstood and both Santino and Wendy have food for a last names. And what do you stuff peppers with? Rice. Santino may be referred to as Satan-O. But...He does this Jesus look going on. The Dark Lord? Now I always supported Wendy on Season 1...she knew how to play the game. Jay was just being mean and bitchy. And as for "Project Jay" it should have been renamed "Project Bitch and Complain" and what happened to the Banana Repubic internship? And Where's that 100 grand? And if Heidi wants you to design her gown for the red carpet...YOU DO IT! If you're just going to design Hoodies...perhaps a Walmart internship would have suited Jay better. We will have to see what happens with the final 3...I say Satan-O wins. He makes for good TV. Lets hope none of the sleeves fall off on the Runway. Check out my Blog

first_we_take_manhattan said...

Thanks Laura! PR this season wouldn't have been so fun had it not for your blog and the highly entertaining recaps!

What happened to auntimame's recap? I've been so very looking forward to reading hers!

praddicted said...

I'm so proud!! And my logic was off but I just had this feeling....