Saturday, March 04, 2006

Updated Video for Mac Users

Once again our BPR friend, Abhinetri, had provided video for our Mac users that are unable to view video on the Bravo site.

Tim's Video Blog - Part 7

Tim's Video Blog - Part 8

The Spat Between Nina & Santino

Thank you again, Abhinetri!


galaxianomiko said...

Wow. After watching the Nina&Santino video, it really seems like the show only put the fighting parts into final production, which made Santino look a lot worse than this video does. (Instead, the video makes Nina Garcia look bad! Lingerie is "supposed to be delicate"? What? Way to put women into a nice little box there.) Funny how it's the extras that make this scene the most interesting (and confusing)--first Tim's blog comments, then the video showing Daniel F getting involved, and now this one.

LOL at Nina taking offense and trying to argue that she has a sense of humor.

sarahlad said...


Phil said...

Here are a couple more for Mac users

Paul Ciampanelli said...

You know, editing really is everything. It's funny how this video does make Santino seem like less of an antagonistic dick, but somewhat more of a blowhard.