Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Santino's Runway Song

Dear Friend,
I have had many requests to make my runway song available... and I'm happy to announce that I just put it up on my site this morning!I am asking $2.45 for the download - the song is not encrypted in any way and will play on all mp3 players including iPods.You can learn more about it by going to my or CLICK HERE! Thank you again for all your support. My life is an absolute whirl-wind right now and your love it's very much appreciated. Much Love,SANTINO

Yes, that was Santino's voice you heard during his OFW runway show. Next we want to see some Santino clothes!


santinorice said...

Thanks for the LOVE Tbone!


KCF said...

Wow. That guy really grows on you. And, hey, his clothes speak for themselves -- and his collection was lovely. Thanks for checking in, Santino!

praddicted said...

Santino's music keeps randomly popping into my mind-love it.

Glad Santino is feeling the love-keep working it, Santino! You're going to do it!

LauraK said...

I downloaded this and had no trouble. Santino is the new "master of all media."