Wednesday, March 01, 2006


There is a great article about Chloe in Forbes. You have to register to read it - I did and it only took a second. Also be sure to visit Andy's blog on the Bravo site for a new interview with Santino. Meanwhile - is everyone getting excited for tonight's episode? There's still time to enter your predictions here about what the "surprise" might be. Hmmmmm.... We'll have the usual threads set up for TBone's live-posting and the "party" for everyone to chime in.

This was one of my favorite parts of the series last year. I really enjoyed seeing how and where the designers lived and worked.

Meanwhile, Tujon just reminded me that next week, viewers are going to be invited to take part in some polls. I posted the announcement here but somehow the discussions got off track. This is HUGE. Seriously. Please spread the word to all of the PR fans that you know and be prepared to vote. I have no idea how this will work, but it seems that the more votes that come in, the greater the measure of "success." We want Project Runway to be as successful as possible, right? Let's vote!

Last, one of our readers, sent in her e-mail Q&A with Chloe: Thanks Jacquelyn!

1. What inspires you to design women clothing vs men?
I am a woman, and I understand the woman's body. And as a woman I understand our needs, what we like to show and what we like to hide. I would like to design menswear one day.

2. What is your favorite color to design around?
My favorite color is blue especially baby blue. It makes me happy.

3. What is the best fabric to wear in the summer and why?
The best fabric to wear is either cotton or linen for summer. Both let the skin breathe and are easy to care for.

4. Why is it not good to wear white after labor day (I don't get it?)
These days it is absolutely okay to wear white after Labor Day. Back in the old days, Labor Day was the official mark of Fall and white was considered a summer color which made it a fashion faux pas.

5. Will your clothes "truly" be for the every day average size woman?
I won't say that every style I make will fit every woman, but there is always a one style for every different woman out there in my collection. It all depends what the woman wants to accentuate or hide. What is great about my designs this that there is a little touch of glamour and not so much that the average woman can not relate to it.

6. Will you design women's swimwear?

7. What are the best colors to wear in the fall, spring, summer, winter seasons?
Fall/Winter - Browns, Ivory, Black, Gold, Jewel tones
Spring/Summer - This Spring and Summer is all about white and turquoise. Lots of neutrals - sand, khaki, olives

8. What type of mark do you envision yourself leaving on the fashion world, what will set you
apart from the rest and the best?
This would take too long.

9. Will you design wedding dresses and if not why?
No, I've done it in the past. It takes up too much time.

10. My last question I promise...what is your definition of beauty and how do you incorporate
that through your fashions?

I believe that beauty is definitely within a person. If you are beautiful on the inside, it will radiate to the outside.

Thank-you! Chloe

Jacquelyn Jacquet


AJ said...

Grrr...I am so freaking tired today!!

I'm barely able to justify staying up for PR when I can Tivo it and watch tomorrow...but, because I'm a loyal (rabid?) fan I'll more then likely stay up anyway.

Also, I'll try to come for the party, but I might just veg out on the couch again this week...

gumdropgurl said...

i hope to stay up tonight, but i have an 8:30AM meeting tomorrow...which means TIVO and curling up on the sofa tomorrow afternoon to watch, most likely.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Santino essentially calls Tim Gunn a liar in Andy's Blog (about the ombre fabric he and Austin both used.) As if there weren't enough reason to dislike him...

Dinah said...

Great Questions and insight about Chloe...thx Jacquelin.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, I don't see what you are talking about at all. Santino just said Tim didn't warn him about the fabric. Enough with the Santino hate. In fact, I could almost say that the hate against Santino is just as mean spirited or even far worse than anything that came from Santino himself.

Jaxx said...

Thanks dinah!!!