Thursday, March 02, 2006

Which Three are the New Designs?

Dear Friends,

It's so exciting to find that we have new readers each week! You all are wonderful! I just have a couple of gentle reminders. First, you'll notice that we usually allow anonymous comments. We love all of our commenters, but please understand that as "anonymous" you are still expected to follow the same general guidelines as the rest of us.

Please read through several pages of posts before you add a comment. We are fairly thorough here and your question or comment may have already been addressed. (Yes, we are aware that the designs from the shows have already been posted all over the place. Yes we know that Kara produced a decoy show.) Second, we are all friends here - no arguing. Just state your case as well as you can and then let it rest. Of course always use polite language.

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Thank you. Now onto the fun!

We have had some speculation that these might be the "thirteenth" designs for each collection. What do you think? Is there anyone who had any idea that these were not part of the original collections? Not me! I never noticed that these didn't flow with the rest of the collections at all. As a matter of fact, that center design - Santino's - on Danyelle - is gorgeous! It kind of makes sense now. Andrae helps Santino and then Danyelle wears the dress - perfect!

For everyone who thinks that adding the final twist was "mean," remember that all three had to do it and all three had the same amount of time. So at least it was "fair." And how fun to invite the other designers back for the challenge. Personally - I love it!

Which is the lucky thirteenth garment?


Unknown said...

Has anyone seen the UK version. Project Catwalk, with Elizabeth Hurley?

memee said...

Those seem like the right choices to me. I wonder if Kara had to do a surprise design too? That would just be mean, since it wouldn't be on the show, but if they had told her ahead of time to make 13 outfits she might have talked to the other designers about it.

I couldn't possibly guess which of hers would be the new design, because they all looked like they took a lot of time and though to make.

Unknown said...

I honestly think they chose the people they thought could sew the best.

Tbone said...

I love the fact that Nick, Andrae and Diana get to have a little piece of the FW show.

Something else I thought of last night. It would be kind of cool if all 13 aufed designers could have done one look and presented it in the tent. It would be incherent as a collection but fun to see one last design from each.

AJ said...

Those look right to me LK...I actually think that Chloe's dress turned out really pretty. That was one of my favorite looks from her collection.

asiangirl, I agree about the MK comment. I feel like it's towards Daniel's dress that Rebecca wore, but who knows?

ScubaOtter said...

Laura, I think you made the right picks. Here's my rationale:

1. Chloe's is a no-brainer. It uses the material and fits the description of what she communicated (verbally and in her sketch) to Diana, as well as the fabric they chose at Mood.

2. Santino: In the "next week-finale" preview on Wednesday, they showed Santino working on that taupey-brownish lace bodice on a dress form. And Andre and Santino picked out a fabric at Mood that was similar to the skirt color.

3. Daniel's is by sheer process of elimination in looking at his line. I found that outfit to be awkward, clumsy, and didn't fit in with the collection when I saw it on 2/10. I find it surprising, however, that Daniel AND Nick could produce something that comes off so...awkward and klunky. Overall, the outfit looks hurried, and does not have the same style and "attention" that the rest of his collection seems to have.

I also wondered if Kara was just in the workroom and the three finalists were told not to pick her because she was the decoy. If she wasn't essentially promised a “pass,” then I feel sorry for her. Can you imagine the amount of stress she would've been under, putting out her own decoy show (but we didn't know it at the time, it was that well-executed) AND helping out someone else? Yikes. That seems extremely unfair and cruel, even for the PR execs.

My guess, as far as Kara and the 13 looks, was that they told her to bring 13 looks and didn't tell her about the surprise. I'm ONLY SPECULATING here, but they could have said, "Kara, bring your thirteen best and we'll narrow it down to 12." By the time she and everyone else were doing final FW prep, the other three new about the 13th challenge. So they could've just said to Kara "put someone in the outfit and put that final look on the runway."

Long story short: She might've had a "backup" instead of a "final challenge."

Erica said...

Hey, I just found Michael Kors line at FW if anyone's interested.

I didn't like that catty bit about "wrong room" either from Daniel. Seriously kicked in my empathy for Santino.

Watching some of the old episodes where they had such fun together, it seems weird to me that they could all forget that they used to be friends, or at least that they used to find Santino very funny.

I just don't quite get why Nick suddenly took Santino so seriously during the makeover challenge. I get the feeling that Daniel was more angry that Nick was gone because he liked Nick better. But seriously, I didn't see how either could talk. Daniel's look for Chloe was terrible, and who was he to ask what took so long when his hem wasn't done on her dress. And which is worse, a bad idea badly executed, or a better idea badly executed?

Ugh. Sorry I'm rambling, but I've been looking for an outlet to chat about PR for a while. It's all coming out at once.

Okay. The extra look. Daniel's, is hideous. Chloe's is better, but not my personal taste. Still like Santino's the best. It fits. Thank God for Andre, I'm sure he help tremendously.

PhillyKat said...

i think u hit the nail on the head. i didn't see any of those designs on the rolling racks. plus, that's is the material san & drae picked up at mood.

katiecoo said...

Hi you guys! Nice to find you! I see one of you is from Scottsdale. I'm in Tempe!

Wow, I was also obsessing over the collections for the 13th piece but thought Santinos would be that capelike outfit (which is the only one I'm not fond of in his collection). I LOVE this dress of his. Great to pull out at the last minute (gotta love Andrae).

I'm on pins and needles for next week. I'm thinking Andrae will get it and I hated him almost all season until he started showing all those impressions and songs. Now I'm a big fan!

Nice to meet you guys!

katiecoo said...

Shoot, I meant Santino. Duh! Sorry!

Colin and/or Michele said...

I know this is way off topic here, but seeing that Sarah has just invoked Santino's jumpsuit makeover for Kara, did anyone see that Kara is selling a customised jumpsuit on her website? That has got to be post-Makeover, and a wry-ironic twist to the ripple effect to be had from PR. And back on topic, I'm not convinced that Laura's choice for Santino's thirteenth dress is the one--it just looks too beautiful to be an afterthought!