Monday, March 06, 2006


If you could spend several hours over dinner (or in a similiar social environment - please be specific) with any one of the 16 designers:
1) who would it be?
2) why have you picked them?
3) where would you set the 'date'?
4) what questions would you want to ask them?
5) what feelings/impressions/encouragements would you want to share with them?

Dream to your heart's content. Then share your "bliss" (thank you, Daniel F) here.


The Scarlett said...

Darn you, Dr. Don for asking us to pick one! Because for me, it would be:
1. Nick/Andrae
2. Because I think I'd laugh the most with either of them.
3. For Nick, I'd find some fabulous Park Avenue Apartment/For Andrae, anyplace in Paris so we could both use outrageous accents.
4. I'd want to ask them if we could stay BBF so the 'date' wouldn't have to end.
5. For either of them, I'd encourage them to decide if they'd prefer to be a designer or a 'personality.' I'd also tell them that they are very talented and there is a mass market for the beautiful garments they create.

LauraK said...

I'd like to start the day at a NYC salon with Kara, Chloe, Heidi S, Kirsten, Marla and Diana, getting pedicures and reading fashion magazines. We would dissect all of the celebrity styles and declare how we would have chosen a more youthful color for Jennifer Lopez.

Kirsten, Marla and I would talk about motherhood.

Then we'd mince down the street (still wearing those funky foam flip flops that you get in the salon) to Mood. Inspired by our salon discussions we would select the most gorgeous and innovative fabrics for our future designs. Diana locates some odd mathematical prints that upon close inspection, are utterly fascinating. We all pretend to fight over the limited yardage, but ultimately we agree to let it go to Diana.

Austin Scarlett is there of course, helping us make the most glamourous choices. The kind folks at Mood pack and ship our packages home....for free.... This is a fantasy, right?

Our toenails are dry so we need new shoes to show off our pedicures. We go to Michael Kors where were are greeted by Emmett, Michael K, Raymundo and Tim Gunn. They assist us in choosing the very best shoes for each of us. Chloe chooses platform sandals, I get clogs.

Tim and Emmett are in a heated discussion about whether Kirsten (in her fabulous Napoleon scarf)should choose something practical or something outrageous... We are all enjoying this discussion....

We are all thrilled with our selections. Michael says he has never had so much fun with such a "silly group of girls." The new shoes are "gratis." Thanks, Michael! Then we all part ways promising to be BFF.

I am meeting Wendy Pepper and John Wade for coffee. They are each telling me the secrets of their dieting successes. I am writing an article for Elle Magazine called "Designer Diets." After the publication of this article I am added to the staff of Elle as an editor-at-large... I go on to fabulous success as reporter and author. After several years I am invited to write the definitive Project Runway Story, which becomes a bestseller... but I digress...

I am meeting Santino, Andrae, Nick, and Daniel V at the movies. We are seeing "The Sound of Music." This is the version where the song lyrics are on the screen - karaoke style - and we sing all the songs at the top of our lungs. Actually we are hoarse and bored after "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?" so we head out to meet Lupe and Shetangi at Suede for a drink. Daniel Franco shows up with Raymundo. They are drinking something called "Bliss" and talking about LA. Santino sees Daniel F, pulls out his boxing gloves and Daniel and Santino go at it.

It's not much of a fight, though. Lots of ducking. "Let's settle this thing once and for all," I say taking out a coin. "Heads or tails?" Santino chooses heads. He is the winner. Daniel buys him a drink. "Try Bliss" he says. They become life-long friends. (Actually later on, Daniel will be trying out for season fourteen and Santino will be a judge. Santino will allow Daniel back "ONE LAST TIME.")

Lupe and Shetangi are dancing. With each other. All is well.

MelissaSue said...

Well, let me tell you...

1) who would it be? It's a hard and difficult toss up between Santino and Kara.

2) why have you picked them? Santino because i would just want to hang out and gorge on sushi or something, and Kara because OMG we could babble on about hand-spun yarn.
3) where would you set the 'date'? i dont know if Santino eats sushi, but i'd take him to a hole-in-the-wall sushi/sake restaurant in chicago that i like, and Kara i'd go someplace borderline fancy.
4) what questions would you want to ask them? Santino: was being involved in a reality tv show really the best way to start? Kara: can i paint a portrait of you?
5) what feelings/impressions/encouragements would you want to share with them? Santino, you the man. Kara, your stuff rocks! you're both *so* good and you both have Truths. I love it.
"work is love made visible" (k.g.)

Tbone said...

LK - my keyboard is once again soaked in coffee after reading your "fantasy".

"Mince" down the street? HA!

Not that you've ever spent any time thinking about this kind of stuff, right?

fin said...

Dear Santino,

Will you go to prom with me?
You could stitch my gown out of ferns and flowers. Who needs a corsage? As long as it doesn’t look like Chloe’s Dynasty bridesmaid dresses, all shiny and poofy-sleeved. And don’t make me carry a purse like Daniel’s wood-handled scraps from shop class. I could wear your lederhosen lingerie, although nobody will see it.
We’ll sing along to Nine Inch Nails in the limo, on the way to Red Lobster. I’ll pay for my own cheesy biscuits because I’m a modern girl. We’ll arrive fashionably late to the hotel lobby and rate everyone’s tired attire—sleeveless, backless, so we don’t have to guess what’s underneath. You could make them hold a walk-off, then send them all home with a whispered goodbye in German.
So what do you say? I’m a sucker for boys who can duck under doorways, boys with tea-colored skin and curly hair. Voice like a cello. Says everything in quotation marks. You could keep me entertained. Otherwise, I’m sure to be bored.
Will you go to prom with me?

Hugs and kisses,

JRT said...

Season 2 designers:
1) If I had to choose one (who isn't Daniel), I would choose Diana Eng
2) I would love to pick to pick her brain, and talk about wearable technological fashion, and were we will be in 50 years.
3) At a coffee shop.
4) If she had all the money in the world and no limitations at all, what would she do? What would she study/create? Also, who is her biggest inspiration for her studies?
5) That the path of technology and fashion that she is embarking upon is a very strong field, and just give her encouragement to keep going and try harder and harder. I would like to sympathize and empathize with her about the ‘nerdiness' personality.

Season 1 designers:
1) Austin Scarlett, by far.
2) Because of his impeccable taste and style. Also, because I would just love to interact with him and talk about life, fashion, food, travel, etc.
3) Paris along the Seine? Or maybe just to throw him for a loop, ski slopes in Colorado. Could he be the best-dressed snow skier ever?
4) If he could travel back in time to the "Glorious Past" and could be any one person, who would he like to be from history and why?
5) I would like to share with him the feelings that it is okay to be somewhat of a historian in design fields. It is okay to take successful elements from the past and bring into current times and modify them and make them a little more modern. I would like to encourage him to take a look at the history and fashion of all different cultures around the world and incorporate them into his designs. And ask him to try and avoid the Easter egg colors as much as possible. The rich, vivid colors of his other collection were amazing.

There are many other contenders for Season 2--Andrae, Santino(just to meet him in person), Marla, Kara.

npohworks said...

and to continue the fantasy, after we make the fabulous wedding dress which we design together santino and jay mccaroll take me out for a positively ludicrous bachelorette party where we end up dancing on tables, buying jay lap dances from strippers with obscenely large implants, and throwing our drinks on some frat boys that start calling jay a "fag."

ahhhh drama. i love it.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

As if I haven't already invisioned this....

1. Daniel Vosovic, but of course.
2. Daniel V has been my favorite designer on the show, and aside from his talent, he's shown that he's a kind-hearted person who is great to his friends, and he's cute too!
He also reminds me of boys I know, so I think I'd be "myself" with him.
3. We would get coffee and take a stroll through the Village checking out the vintage clothing shops and maybe do a little shoe shopping--I'm always up for a new pair of Docs.
I'd then bring him to my brother's tattoo artist and we'll both get inked--knowing that Daniel wants sewing incorporated with the family crest-my brother has our crest and tartan as a tattoo, and it actually looks like fabric on his arm.
Afterwards we'd head back to his place, freshen up the A&D ointment on the tats, and snuggle under a big cozy blanket to catch up on the last few weeks of "Lost". (It's been very difficult to pay attention to this season with the anticipation of PR coming on.)
4. I'd love to ask about his experiences abroad and his favorite hang-outs in London (I lived there for a bit too)and ask how it feels to be living a "dream come true".
5. I'd tell him to continue in his positive manner and not be put off by the judgement of others. I think he and his work are pretty wonderful just as they are.

Bonus--do you think he's let me fuss with his bangs? I have this need to mess them up again-couldn't handle the middle part on Best Week Ever?

asiangirl said...

I would have to pick..

Andrae and Tim Gunn
because they are just the most interesting and fun.
I would love to skip lunch and go shopping. Talk about clothes and maybe get some help on my wardrob.

I would ask love to just become a good friend -- find a revolving door to fling out of..

I don't know if I could encourage him, but i know the day would not be complete if I could not tell him how inspirational he is not only as a designer but as a good person who helps people cope with difficult circumstances.. like when he fixed the machines when everyone else just worked on their garments.
And clearly , the show was not the same after he left and I think it affected everyone.

Andrae is the type of person who helps us know that everyone affects the world in some way and can change their world or the people around them with a smile and their great presence.

fluffsters said...

i'm with asiangirl, but i'd have to throw santino in for some more laughs. i'd also like to go fabric shopping with them.

praddicted said...

It would have be Andraniel-Andrea and Daniel, sorry can't pick.

The day would be a mix of shopping and sitting and talking. I want to know more about inspiration and how they can take an idea. a visual and transform it. They both seem to be such great guys-as dorky as it sounds, I think Andrae would be a wonderful friend to have. He's such a sweet soul. Daniel as well, with an edge to him. Love them both and would just love to sit and talk and talk and hang out and shop and design--what a fun day!!

Aunt Teak said...

1. I would most want to be neighbors with Nick, and go clubbing with Andrae, and watch old movies with Daniel and Kara

2. Nick loves good dish; Andrae's the best dancer, and Daniel and Kara would be the most engaging to just hang out with.

lizra said...

I would pick Santino...not because I like him so much, but because he would probably be the most fun. I would want to go to a club where we could drink and dance and hear live music, and just have FUN. Of course...he would have to stay with me, no wandering off. I really wouldn't ask any questions, just focus on having a blast, you know, "Be here now". I'd just tell Santino to let his guard down and be nice.

echoe311 said...

1) John Wade
2) Pre weight loss I thought he was quirky, and post weight loss I thought he was hot.
3) At a boardwalk an hour before twilight. We would play ski ball, and then go for some ice cream. We'd sit on the beach and watch the sun set.
4) Why did you dye the muslin orange? Why didn't you spend more time on the task at hand? Are you going to make this work?
5) I want to know what fashion school is like. I want advice for my future.

Jaxx said...

I like this survey...

1. I would pick Daniel V.

2. Daniel V. is my pick, because he comes across very "real", open, honest, charming, sweet, and driven.

3.I would set the date at my big beautiful house in the kitchen with my husband. I would cook my best dish for him and make Daniel V.'s favorite dessert.

4. I would ask him why he didn't tell his girlfriend the truth about his sexual orientation after they broke up? I would ask my 10 fashion questions to him again :)

5. I would share my feelings of support for his talent and encourage him to keep his faith in God, family and his "true" friends. Don't let success change you and don't forget those who knew you before the niw :)

numbawanfan said...

1) I would have to choose Nick.
2) He's a class act through and through. He's got a level of maturity and sophistication that I absolutely love. And he's great at observing people and sizing them up in a realistic way. (I agree w/ him about Santino and Zulima... Ummmm straight up b*#$@es right?)
3) Our little "date" would prbly be at FIDM where he teaches. I just want to observe him be the "Tim Gunn" of his class, giving students advice, helping people be their best.
4) I'd like to ask him who HE would date on the show if he could. (Daniel V maybe??)
5) I just want to encourage him to follow his dream and eventually come out with his own line too. I think he's definitely one of the most talented designers of the show, and I was soooo extremely disappointed to see him not make it to the top 4 at least. I think the pressure of time and harsh criticism really got to him in the end, but he can make some crazy beautiful garments when he's relaxed and confident. Don't let the dream fade Nick!!