Saturday, March 04, 2006

BPR Interview With Kara Janx

Laura hi,
I think you have done a WONDERFUL job with BPR, thanks for your honesty!
Sorry I did not get this to you sooner....I have been working like a MANAIC.
Anyway, thanks for the interview and the LUV

1. Kara, we here at Blogging Project Runway are in universal agreement that your Fashion Week Collection was fabulous. (We're not even going to pretend that we haven't thoroughly scrutinized the still photos!) Did you receive the same budget as the other designers? How did you choose your models?

Thank you!I really loved doing that collection, it evolved so much over the course of the time I was working on it. I was thrilled by the end product, and it was so well received by the press and the public.

I received the same budget as the other designers, which was wonderful because it really allowed me to use all my resources.

I was at the same model casting as the Final 3, I was shoved in a corner(so that I would be hidden from camera), but I got to pick the models I wanted to use, the girls were absolutely STUNNING! and they did an amazing job. Thanks ladies

A few questions I have read on BPR regarding the 1.the 13th garment 2. whether I could help the other 3, and did I get assistance

I was informed at the same time as the 3, that in fact I too had to make a 13th garment, I could not receive assistance, and the other 3 could not choose me to assist them, I had to fit my models, last minute hems, buttons etc, as well as get a 13th garment on the runway.
The solution: I had a few garments mid development that I had to revisit, I decided on one to fully complete, and hence I had my 13th.
I had the same last minute time constraints, deadlines and otherwise as the rest. OMG super stressful!!!!!

2. Of course we love the hats. Are they knit? Where can we get those hats?

I love hats, so I really wanted to include them in my collection. I feel like they are a mini collection, in their own right, they really added a richness to the overall look. I searched endlessly to find the perfect yarn. I used a yarn that was Hand-spun(which is very rare these days), and each individual skein( term for ball of yarn), is one of a kind, it is such a gorgeous textured yarn. Tim kindly called the hats "Works of art"

... The hats were knitted by hand and were developed from original patterns. They can be special ordered from me, just shoot me an email if interested @, they are quite pricey, but OH so worth it......

A special thanks to Purl in Soho and Suss Design, they were so helpful...xoxo

3. What was the best thing about being on Project Runway? The worst? Is there anything you would change if you could?

I think the overall experience has been quite phenomenal. I didn't know what to expect going into this, so it was so interesting on so many levels. I felt like I personally evolved over the course of the show, emotionally and on all levels of my design capabilities. I feel so much stronger and more confident for it. I love the designers on the show, and it was great being in an environment, that facilitated and encouraged our talent.

The worst part was leaving, I was so sad.

There's nothing I would change, the whole process has been so organic.

4. Do you keep in touch with any of the designers from the show?

I keep in touch with most of the designers. (Not all, I ain't no saint.)
I have built some wonderful relationships with some of them. I feel so fortunate to have meet such incredible people.
It is such an intense experience, and it's been wonderful to have shared this with them, and then to have the support post show. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

5. Congratulations on your engagement! Who is designing your dress?

thank you. I am going to be marrying the most delicious man.
On the second day on PR, I turned to Santino, and said "hey, you're going to make my wedding dress!"
I still joke with him, and tell him he's got $100 bucks and 2 weeks.
I don't know if I will eventually end up making my own dress. OMG who knows!!

6. What are you working on now?

I have been working around the clock on my business, trunk shows, meeting orders.

I am making Kimonos(the one seen on PR) by the thousands! so right now, I'm officially a full-time manufacturer.
I do however plan to persevere and move forward in the continued growth of my business. I have been so blessed to have had such great success with the
Kara Janx line, and I am really striving for longevity and further successes. Ultimately I look forward to the Kara Janx empire! lol

7. At BPR we are truly concerned with trivia and fun details. Here are some of the things we have been wondering about: What is the room number of your apartment? Who is Redman? Did you write that message on the board? Is he your fiance?

My fiance has the most fabulous shade of 'red' hair, yes he is the Redman, and yes I wrote I LUV RED, since we were cut off from the entire world, it was my one small gesture, and shout out to my RED.
Now for the craziest part...our apartment number on PR was 21H. Prior to PR, red and his brother lived at the atlas, as things go, eventually I was living in the atlas. We all moved out... Red's apartment number was 21H...... 2 months later PR moved into 21H.......I guess some things are meant to be

8. We feel like you should have won the "Flower Power" challenge - your design was great. Were you disappointed not to win? Or just happy to remain in the race?

I thought that Garden party dress was Gorgeous, it turned out so beautifully and fit Eden like a dream. I definitely thought I had a chance at the win. I wasn't disappointed, but neither was I relieved. I needed to step up my game, and I was proud of the outcome.

9. Do you feel that the judges were fair? What about in the "Makeover" episode? Were you surprised that Nick was cut? How did it feel to be wearing that jumpsuit? Was it as uncomfortable as it appeared?

I never tried to second guess the judges, also I don't think there is FAIR in a competition. I had grown really close to Nick, and I think he is incredibly talented. From Day 1, I thought he would be in the Final Three, I was surprised and really sad to see him go, I think he deserved to go further.
The jumpsuit was poorly executed and had no sleeves by the time the deadline was up. Santino poked and poked and bullied me till those damn sleeves stuck. But they couldn't and they didn't, by the time I went onstage, I was so over poked....I thought I was going to hit the roof, I was horribly uncomfortable. Santino lied through his teeth, which probably saved him.(p.s I did not tug on those sleeves, I didn't have to, they were falling off all by themselves.)

Just to clear the record, Santino may have guided me with what outfit he wanted as I did him, but at the end of the day, I designed the outfit, cut and sewed it....he on the other hand did not. Santino does not like to take blame.

10. Who are your favorite (established) designers?

I have such a long list of designers I admire, they range from Architects, industrial, graphic through to Fashion design.
Rem Koolhaus, Bruce Mao, Helmut Lang, Miuccia Prada,Marc Jacobs, Norma Kamali, Nicolas Ghesquiere to name a few

Thank you very much for your answers, Kara. Best of luck from all of your fans at Blogging Project Runway!


Tbone said...

Great interview Laura! You think they would have given Kara someone to help with the 13th look though.

I'm guessing she would have chose Emmett.

Mags said...

Great interview with Kara! I'm still a little miffed bout her selling out Lil' Chlo on the runway, but still.

How you are able to get a hold of the PR castmates is amazing. Did you just email them out of the blue?

I wonder how many of them read this blog.

eric3000 said...

Great interview! OK, we were right about her having the same budget, finding out about the 13th look at the same time as the other designers, and about the other designers not being able to pick her to help.

Very interesting that she didn't get a helper. I wonder if she was working in her own studio in stead of with the other designers. That might explain why she had other partially finished garments to work with and given her an advantage that made up for not having an assistant.

I was also surprised the other designers didn't have extra designs in mind. I would think they would design (but not execute) dozens of looks and then cut that down to 12, which would have left them plenty of other ideas to work from. I guess not.

Keith said...

Help Me Please!

I would like to make a 'santino hat' like the one Kara made for his makeover. It's for a PR house party this Wednesday and we are all encouraged to make an outfit. I was planning on picking up an old hat at a vintage clothing store and then finding a fabric that will go with a few tops that I have.

But I have no idea how to glue the fabric on or what kind of glue to get. If anyone can help, that would be awesome.

LauraK said...

Hey Keith,

To the best of my recollection Kara had a straw hat and was covering it with squares of plaid fabric. I'm not sure what kind of glue she was using. It looked great when she was finished!

Keith said...

Thanks Laura,

A straw hat will probably take glue much better than fabric, and not look lumpy. Didn't even think of that.

I'm sure the clerk at the fabric store will have some kind of glue to recommend.

praddicted said...

Great interview-the more you hear of her, the more you like her!!

BPR Tour alert-not sure if we have time, but Purl is very cute and a very interesting shop. Yarns are very organic and earthy. Maybe a little pricey, that I don't remember. Very cute, though- can totally see it with Kara's hats..

ItsYvonne said...

It doesn't really matter that Kara had no help for the 13th look, because obviously she didn't have the same constraints either. She was able to just use something she already had and finish it up; the contestants had to start something from scratch (they didn't have the option of doing what Kara did; that wouldn't have been exciting enough for the camera).

The Scarlett said...

I think Santino was really big on spray adhesive (you can usually find that in an art store) and I'm sure Kara borrowed the idea for the hat she fashioned. You would just spray the adhesive all over the hat and then spray the same adhesive on the back of the fabric. It should be really quick and easy to make a hat that way.

Gidget Bananas said...

Kara was one of my favorite designers from the beginning, and I always thought she wasn't getting much credit. I'm glad that things worked out for her.

I'd love to know if she discussed some of the immediatly-post-FW-show press with the other designers, considering that any number of fashion critics crowned HER the winner.

yawningdog said...

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